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Of Note: “If Your Let Me Go” by Salt Ashes

Of Note: “If Your Let Me Go” by Salt Ashes

What a name!  Of course it’s not her original – that would be Veiga Sanchez - but I do like it.  And that sound!  If Kate Bush and Pat Benatar had a baby girl it would be Salt Ashes, who mixes in the sounds  of all sorts of synth giants from the past, like Depeche Mode and Men Without Hats.  She hails from Brighton, UK, came on the scene in 2011, and is currently making her way up the Dance Club Play chart in the states with the evocative, sensual, arty “If You Let Me Go”.

Her voice is all a shimmer on this one; her upper range striking helium-induced status. 

I love it, of course, so do forgive me if I gush.  That damning, loping, deep pulse, those pouty, ethereal, treated vocals.  I’m now super-charged to discover what else she’s put out into the universe: “Edge of the Heart” (hard to find, I hear), “Little Dove” and “Somebody”. 

So excited!  

Where Salt Ashes is concerned, all I can say is… more, please.

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