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Friday Fun: In Praise of Older Men

Friday Fun: In Praise of Older Men

I have always had an appreciation for older men, even as a youngster.  A beautiful nose.  Large, rugged hands.  A strong chin.  Those crinkles in the corners of their eyes.  As long as they took good care of themselves and their hygiene was good, I was on-board.

Funny, now that I am older, how that timeline has moved.  For I no longer consider these men ‘older’, though at one time, I certainly did.  And, of course, society as a whole – especially the media – well, they consider them ‘older’, and sometimes punishes them for it. 

But not me.

These days?  I think of seventy as ‘older’. 

Which may seem ridiculous to those who believe age is more than a number.  I’m speaking of those who are older, but refuse to accept it and therefore go to horrific lengths to appear younger.  Their self-loathing and vanity come at a price their ego cannot allow themselves to see. 

And I speak of those who are so young and unevolved that they say and post disparaging things about men of a certain age.   

I know that sting.

But, now, instead of getting angry, I laugh. For I know it is only all-too-soon that they, too, shall experience the pain of rejection or unkind words from someone younger than themselves. 

Yes, as one of my all-time favorite songs eloquently states: “The young become the old.”

I guess that’s a way of life balancing itself out.  It could also be a form of karma.

It is definitely the way of life. 

So, today, I would like to offer up these rather breathtaking examples of men over fifty years of age for your appreciation. 

These are the photos of Tommy Wu and Alan Reade, and Charles Thomas Rogers.  You can learn more about all three by visiting ‘The Advocate’ and putting “men over 50” in the search engine.  These photographers have done a marvelous job of capturing the magic that a life well-lived has to offer  - if one takes care of one’s self and remains young at heart.

Ah, yes… perhaps the best is yet to come!

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Have a safe and magical weekend!

Wishing you all the best from uptonking at Wonderland Burlesque


mistress maddie said...

I have never minded being with older guys, and do enjoy it. They always seem to be more talented in the sack. NOT till lately have the last two been younger. But they are good too. Have a good weekend handsome!!!!

anne marie in philly said...

DAMN! those are some fuckable dudes! :)

as a woman, age 60.5, I feel 85 is old. I don't feel 60.5, I feel 45. and yes, tony IS right, "the best is yet to come, and baby won't it be fine!"

have a nice weekend!

whkattk said...

Nice post Upton.