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Of Note: ‘Cable’ by Reptar

Of Note: ‘Cable’ by Reptar

If Talking Heads, Patti Smith, and Bjork had a three-way which resulted in a child, that child would be Reptar’s latest single, ‘Cable’.  Around since 2009, the band hails from Athens, Georgia, the birthing place of such other unique voices as The B-52’s, Pylon, Drive-By Truckers and REM. 

And, yes, they take their name from the character in Nickelodeon’s ‘Rugrats’.

They’ve been releasing music since 2012, but ‘Cable’ is the first time I have come across them.

And I can’t get enough of this song. 

It is so odd and so much fun.  It goes to unexpected places and just when you think you know how it will all play out, lead singer Graham Ulicny breaks out in a howl worthy of Patti Smith (whom his voice rather reminds me of). 

Do I think this is their ‘breakout’ single? 

Not at all.

But it does remind me of the first time I heard Talking Heads back in 1977(?).  I remember being thrilled and scared at the same time.  ‘Cable’ unearthed that moment in my memory and made it live once more.

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