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Of Note: ‘Emoticon’ by The Wombats

Of Note: ‘Emoticon’ by The Wombats

In recent years, since the mainstream acceptance of such alt-pop acts as Passion Pit and Phoenix, I have developed an ear for oddly quirky, jangly, electronic-driven music. It’s the kind of music that seems, upon first listen, alien, intellectual, and strange.  However, as stated, I have more than warmed to this sound; I now embrace it.

And such is the case with today’s ‘Of Note’ selection: the dense, but crisp, ‘Emoticon’ by The Wombats.  It is forlorn and danceable at the same time.  The chorus soars despite its seeming bitterness and sense of defeat.

Founded in Liverpool back in 2003, The Wombats have remained a consist delivery system for innovative, fresh, idiosyncratic pop.  This is a as smart as it comes, folks.  Their April 2015 release, ‘Glitterbug’ contains no less than four stellar singles: among them, the dazzling ‘Emoticon’. 

The group broke big in 2008 and continue to sell well in the UK, yet have never broken through to the mainstream, here, in the US.  

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