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Of Note: 'Let It Be Love' by Jessica Sutta ft. Rico Love

Of Note: 'Let It Be Love' by Jessica Sutta ft. Rico Love 

In honor of Pride Month (and week, here, in the Twin Cities) and in light of the upcoming announcement from The Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of gay marriage bans, I found this dance floor anthem - currently climbing up the dance charts - fitting.

Personally, I've been underwater for the past six weeks due to a number of issues at work (more on that later), so have not had a lot of time to write much of anything. Hopefully that will improve in the coming weeks.

I did notice that wonderful Tylenol ad; the one that has A Million Moms (more like a couple hundred) up in arms.  It was very beautiful.  Very subtle.  A gentle message: one I wish more would embrace.

These days it seems like this country is ripe like a pimple about to burst.  I don't know what to expect.  I fear it might get ugly.

Well, uglier.

The child inside me?  The one who still has hope?  He would like it all to turn out very much like that Tylenol ad.  

Yes, whatever is to come, please...

...'Let It Be Love' 

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