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Of Note: ‘Beginning at the End’ by Samsaya

Of Note: ‘Beginning at the End’ 
by Samsaya

Sometimes a song can remain winning in spite of some flaw, such as lyrics that cause one’s brow to furrow, as in, ‘Huh?’.  Such is the case with today’s ‘Of Note’ selection, Samsaya’s infectious ‘Beginning at the End’.

Born in India, Samsaya moved to Norway at the age of 11 months old.  She started her first band at nineteen, working with other hip-hop musicians heavily influenced by NWA.  Her breakthrough actually came as an actress in a string of three films, two of which were horror movies. 

She released her second album, ‘Bombay Calling’ earlier this year.  ‘Beginning at the End’ reflects her time spent in New York; a smoother, more pop oriented sound.

Catchy and hook-laden, ‘Beginning’ remains buoyant, despite its depiction of a ‘doomed from the start’ romance.  Sure, the lyrics are a bit forced at times, nonsensical, even, but it’s hard to deny those sunny sounding ear worms and that irresistible chorus.   


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whkattk said...

One has to wonder why songwriters don't have someone proof or help them edit lyrics...