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Of Note: ‘I’ll Bring My Love’ by Jutty Ranx

Of Note: ‘I’ll Bring My Love’ by Jutty Ranx

Yet another lovely single that is not getting the attention it deserves.

‘I’ll Bring My Love’ lilts along on a subtle bed of reggae-infused backbeats, lulling the listener while seducing the senses.  It’s sunny and upbeat and a tad slick – in that seamless late 1970’s era kind of way (think of the lushness brought by the likes of Player, Gino Vanelli, Jerry Rafferty, and Ambrosia – though not as heavy-handed).  

Claiming Los Angeles as home base, the electronic/pop group, Jutty Ranx, consists of Justin Taylor, Ryan Malina, and Jaakko Manninen.  They found an immediate audience in Italy, where their debut single ‘I See You’ peaked at #3, spent 13 weeks on the charts and shipped double-platinum (60,000 copies).

I simply find the song’s plushness alluring, losing myself, as I do when lying on my back on a hillside, deciphering the dreamy messages to be found in the clouds. It serves as a lovely oasis.  So, take a listen and allow yourself to be carried away in its sweet glow.

In 2015, the group released their new album, ‘Discordia’. 


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whkattk said...

Oddly enough, his sound reminds me of a young George Micheal...