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Of Note: ‘Love Over Everything’ by REMODY

Of Note: ‘Love Over Everything’ by REMODY

This week (time permitting) we’ll focus on that lovely blend of R&B empowered by soulful young women. It’s positive.  It’s nurturing.  It’s sensual and soothing.  And, currently, it’s not getting much attention, failing to find footing on the sales charts or the airwaves.

That’s a shame, because most of it, when not overtly sexual, tends to be rather healing to the psyche.

Bronx/Baltimore native REMODY has one such example. 

Having returned to New York when she was 19, over the years she’s collaborated with the likes of Rick Ross, Young Berg, and Fred The Godson and a host of top-shelf producers.  And in that time, for her, it has been “all about the love”.  In fact, her motto is #LOE (Love Over Everything).

‘Love Over Everything’ finds her in the silkiest of modes and I simply adore the chorus and the sentiment expressed.  It is a tad old-school, save for the rap, but that vintage feel is part of its charm.

Trivia: Her father, Roberto Pena Jr. and uncle, Ray Pena, are founding members of 4PM (For Positive Music).  Their single ‘Sukiayaki’ reached #8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in 1995 and was a worldwide hit. 

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whkattk said...

I love true R&B... So much that gets air play is...I don't has no HEART to it.