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Friday Fun: Sheer Beauty

Friday Fun: Sheer Beauty

A mere hint of what lies beneath, at first sight, you lose your breath.

Your eyes now transfixed, you take it in.

Such promise.   Your heart pounds.

He makes quite the impression.

Desire rushing forth, you find yourself temporarily overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Is this an invitation to something more? 


Merely an opportunity to admire from afar?

Ahh, yes.

The sheer beauty of it.

--- ---

Wishing you a wonderful weekend

from uptonking at Wonderland Burlesque




Of Note: ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Sun Models’ by ODESZA

Of Note: 
‘Say My Name’ and ‘Sun Models’ 

Formed in 2012 and hailing from Seattle, ODESZA is an electronic duo consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight.  Their debut album, ‘Summers Gone’, was released to universal critical acclaim in the underground electronic scene.

Their second full-length. ‘In Return’, came out in September of 2014, with of its tracks: ‘Say My Name’ (feat. Zyra) and ‘Sun Models’ (feat. Madelyn) - have been buzzing like crazy in the back of my brain.

 While they adhere (somewhat) to traditional song structure, their songs actually strike me more as modern sound collages; clicking and bleeping their way into one’s subconscious.

They are also sought after remixers.  A recent example, Zhu’s ‘Faded’ went to the top spot on the club play charts.