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The Dynamic Duo: Three Ways to the Center of My Heart, er, My Hard On

It began on Halloween night of this year. I was invited to a sex party. It would be my first. I arrived ten minutes early, having cleared my schedule for the evening. Never having attended one, there was a certain mystique about the whole thing. I was intrigued. The invitation had come via one of the hook-up sites I frequent. I was told that bottoms were needed, so I was more than willing to enlist. Sitting in my car, I waited, wanting to see who would be the first to arrive. The invitation said 7:00 pm, which is awfully early for a sex party, from what I knew of them, but I figured it was Halloween and maybe they had other plans later that night. I didn’t see anyone else approach the house. Seven came and went and still no one was knocking on that door. Maybe everybody was coming later. Maybe I was an idiot for arriving ‘on-time’. I drove off, got gas at a nearby filling station and then returned. No new cars parked on the street. At 7:20 I got out of the car and made my way to the front door.

There was a sign on the door – No Trick or Treats This Year. Smart, considering the neighborhood was crawling with costumed rug rats knocking on doors demanding sweets. I rang the bell. It was a nice house, from what I could tell. A man came to the door. He was probably in his late thirties; a close cropped reddish beard framed his face. It was easy to see the outline of his hard dick against the crotch of his sweat pants shorts. Cautiously, he opened the screen door. A quick smile came to his face as he invited me in. His chest was covered in fur, his cranium less so, but at least he kept it closely cropped, thus avoiding that whole eagles nest look. As I followed him into the main part of the house I noticed he had a nice ass and a hairless back. I supposed you could call him a bear; his body was certainly sturdy and carrying a few extra pounds, but he was solid and healthy – not overweight or fat by any means. He struck me as the sort that would be an excellent cuddle buddy.

As we entered the living room I took note of the fact that this was not a house set up for an evening of entertaining. It was cluttered and busy. Off the living room, I spied, through an open door, a starkly appointed bedroom where a nude, thin, athletic-looking man wearing glasses stood in an apprehensive pose. The host instructed me to hang up my coat and I asked to use the bathroom. Once inside I checked my hole to make sure it was clean and washed my face. Reasoning that since the other guest was nude, that I should be, too, I removed my clothing. I entered the bedroom and was pleased to note that someone else was arriving. The tall, thin man standing in the bedroom, now wearing a towel wrapped around his waist, asked me, “And just how did you learn about… this?” I explained how I came by my invitation and as I spoke began to make sense of all the things that didn’t make any sense: the odd start time, the lack of follow-up emails, the lack of party atmosphere, that I was one of first to arrive, and the fact that bottoms were ‘needed’ (bottoms are never needed – there are just too many of us to be needed – tops on the other hand are in high demand).

I’d been duped. This was not a sex party. Turns out a guy on-line had suggested a three-way with the two guys who were at the house when I arrived. They thought I was that third. The fourth guest was also a victim of our internet prankster. He turned out to be someone I had run into frequently at the prairie, and we both laughed at our gullibility. By that point another dude arrived (yet another bottom), at which point our host announced, “Well, I can’t fuck you all.” I dressed, apologized and began to leave. The host asked me if I was ‘uptonking’, my screen name on the hook-up sites I frequent – one I have been using for years. I said, “yes” and left with the other unintended guests. We three bottoms stood at the end of the sidewalk in front of the house and chatted briefly. We were all disappointed, but fortunately for them, they both had other plans. My friend from the prairie told me to come downtown to the Eagle later, but I told him I would probably just head for home.

Several days later, I got an email from the host of the hoax. He told me that he remembers talking with me in the past on-line and would be interested in getting together. He seemed like a decent guy, so I sent him my email address and told him to get in touch with me.

He did. We set up a time. A few days before our play date, he asked me if it would be okay if a friend of his joined us. He included a link to one of the friend’s on-line profiles. I was game. His pics looked very hot. Small in stature, with zero percent body fat and a somewhat muscular build, his handsome face featured a very hot mustache, giving him a tough guy look that was topped off by his shaved head. I was looking forward to a three-way. It had been ages. When it comes to three-ways, I consider myself an equal opportunity enjoyer. I try to make sure that everyone is happy, involved and that everybody goes home having gotten off.

The day before we were to meet, I was on-line at my local coffee shop, tooling around for some dick, when the host of the hoax contacts me via one of the hook-up sites. He wants to know if I’m doing anything at the moment, and if not, would I like to be doing him. Never one to turn down a free meal, I figure what the hell and I am on my way to his house in record time.

As I enter the house I notice that it has been straightened up considerably, though the bedroom is just as sparse as I remembered it. The floors were bare, as were the walls. All it held was a bed, a bed stand, a small computer desk and chair, a computer and a large flat screen television mounted on the wall above the desk. The flat screen is playing a porn tape as I excuse myself to use the restroom. When I come back into the bedroom, the host of the hoax, I’ll call him Red (not his real name), is kneeling in the middle of the bed, watching the porn and playing with his dick. He has what I would call a real football player’s build; solid and manly. Sitting on that bed, he looks so good I just want him to tackle me.

Crawling on all fours, I make my way to the center of the bed and immediately take his dick in my mouth. His dick is average; about 7 inches with an average width. He moans his appreciation as I take him deep in my mouth and then remain there, flexing my throat occasionally. Reaching over my back, he begins to play with my ass, gently probing my hole with his fingers. I move up to kiss him, tentatively. His lips are thinner than mine and when I don’t have a good read on someone’s energy level I find it is best to start tentatively with the kissing and then build.

For some reason I relax into his kiss almost immediately. On his body he has various tats; a couple of tribal bands and a large bear paw. He’s what I consider a hunky guy; maybe even a tad chunky… but definitely a real man type, so I am all for it. He continues to probe my ass with his fingers as we kiss. Our dicks are hard and standing tall, pressed between us, rubbing against our stomachs. My hands find their way down his back to the hot rise of his ass cheeks. As a former total top I appreciate a hot ass… actually any ass. I grab his mounds firmly and then give them a small slap. I’m testing the waters. In this case, if the answer is in his kiss, then the dude definitely likes his ass played with. I slip a hand between his cheeks, always a dicey proposition, but since he just got out of the shower before I got there I am assuming he’s good to go. And he is.

My fingers find his pucker and Red pushes his ass out just a bit as I begin to probe. In a pause between kisses he tells me, “Fuck me.” Well, he’s the host - so he’s the boss. I turn him around with his ass sticking up in the air. Spreading his cheeks, my tongue finds the center and I begin to eat ass like a starving man. Licking deep, probing deeper, I get that mother all wet and slick. Red is loving it and so am I. With every push back from Red, I get a little more amorous with my mouth, sucking on the lips of his hole, only moving back to allow my fingers to do a little probing.

Red hands me the lube as he uncorks the poppers. I want to stay hard, so I decline the poppers, for now. I lube up his ass and my dick, line it up and inch my way in. As soon as I feel the tightness of the ring of his hole relax enough to permit the head of my dick to enter, I take it all the way in nice and smooth and slow. Red’s just recapping the poppers as the tip of my dick hits deep. He lets out a beautiful sigh full of lust and need.

Now I’m in total top mode… and since I don’t want to blow my load until I get some dick up my own ass, I change up my game frequently; pausing, pulling out, jamming in hard, power ramming, then holding still. It’s way fun and Red’s having a hell of a time, too. He’s letting me drive. I grab the sides of his ass and work them like I’m plowing snow and his ass is a big old drift I got work my way through.

After about ten minutes of me as the top, Red tells me he wants my ass. He pulls off my dick, hands me the poppers and turns me around, dicking me pretty much the same way I just did him. He likes to lean over my back and breathe in my ear as he fucks me. I love that. Something about the heat of his breath and the sounds a dude makes from deep within while fucking ass just does it for me big time.

We end up flip flopping back and forth two more times each. In between we kiss, we suck, and I smack his ass just to let him know I think I’m the one in charge (which I am). The poppers are passed back and forth, so is the lube. We seem totally in sync.

I fuck him doggy style one last time, losing it deep inside his ass after a prolonged period of man slamming. As spent as I am, I know he needs to lose his load, too. He asks me to lie perfectly flat on the bed. Lying on top of me, he slides his dick into me and humps me slow and quiet, like we’re school buds experimenting in the middle of the night during a sleepover. The weight of him on top of me feels good. I don’t even need to popper up as my ass is just loving the feel of his slick willy sliding in and out. Red’s breathing in my ear heavy and then softly announces that he’s coming. He grows still and just enjoys the rush of allowing his man batter to spurt forth without any accompanying movement. Just hearing him holding back, as if in pain, makes me squeeze the ring of my ass tight around his dick, pushing him even further over the edge. He rests on top of me. I turn my head and slip him a kiss. He rolls off of me and we cuddle into one another both feeling totally satiated.

We kiss and talk; holding one another. It’s very nice. And the conversation is good, too. Finally, I slip into the bathroom for a quick rinse off. I dress and he walks me to the door for a final kiss. I slip out the front door promising to return the next day.

_ _

Next day, I arrive at the appointed time for my promised three-way. Since I know half of what to expect, I’m not nervous at all. In fact, I’m really eager to play top again. Something about Red’s healthy ass cheeks has me raring to go for another round.

The third party remains somewhat of an unknown. I know his stats (5’ 6”, 130, shaved head), have seen a face pic (fucking cute – the kind of guy that never gives me the time of day) and have been told by Red that his dick is bigger than either of ours (turns out it’s bigger than Red’s, but not mine). I’d been emailing back and forth with this guy (let’s call him Stan – because he looks a little like Eminem, minus the sourpuss scowl) in the days leading up to this event, so I know a few things about him. He is totally versatile and loves arm pits. We share the latter in common, but he tells me, Red always makes him shower away any man scent before they play. Which is fine with me, I like a fresh pit, just as long as there’s no deodorant messing up the fun.

Red comes to the door wearing work out shorts and sporting a big old woody. This is becoming a habit. Grabbing it playfully as I enter, I give him a kiss. Heading back to the bathroom to make sure I’m good to go, I stop to acknowledge the hot little number watching guys fuck on the flat screen in Red’s bedroom. He’s shorter than I expected, sporting a hot goatee and a jock strap. There is not an ounce of body fat on his entire body. Later I find out he actually struggles to keep weight on. Normally this would be enough to make me hate him, but since I plan on plowing his cute little ass as fucking hard as I can in a matter of moments, I decide to take out my rage at the injustice of it all out on his tiny behind.

As I exit the bathroom, Red and Stan are already going at it. Red is lying flat on his back in the middle of the bed and Stan is kneeling between Red’s spread legs, sucking on Red’s cock. Stan’s ass is sort of in the air and it looks so cute. That’s when I get a case of stage fright - as in: I’m not sure how to proceed. How does one enter when the game is already in progress? I don’t want to blunder in and offend someone. That would be a horrible way to begin what I hope to be an afternoon of fun. My apprehension is overruled by the sight of Stan’s ass is in the air. It looks damn tempting. I move closer, and then, as if pulled in by pure gravitational force, I find my mouth stealthily affixed to Stan’s tight little orifice.

His response is a moan of approval and I move in and get down to some serious butt munching. I pause now and again to check out the action in front of me and to press my raging hard on onto the moist crack of Stan’s cute ass. He’s a tiny guy and I want to fuck him in the worst way. There’s something about the size imbalance that brings out the latent dom in me. After slurping away at Stan’s hole for a bit more, I figure now is as good a time as any. I lean over his back and whisper into his ear, “I’m gonna fuck your tight little ass now, pig. And you better fuck back.” Red hands Stan the poppers and me the lube, not that I need it; Stan’s hole is sloppy, wet. I put lube on the tip of my dick only and press it against his hot mess. Grabbing the little dude by the sides of his ass, I gently urge him onto my dick. I decide to let him drive, enjoying the feeling as he inches his way onto my rod. He starts to complain about how thick it is, and that just puts me into true dom mode. Nothing hotter than a cute, skinny, no-body-fat prick tease whining about the width of a fat dick sliding up their faggot hole to make me want to resume control of the reins. I pull Stan onto my dick in one fell swoop and hold him down on it. He squirms and makes a bit of noise, muffled by Red, who immediately places his lips over Stan’s mouth.

With the little whiner mollified, I start a nice, steady pull and release motion, building up the tempo until the front of my thighs are smacking the back of his ass with a severe intensity. As I’m busy power slamming my new playmate, Red manages to slide out from under Stan and moves behind me. I pause long enough to get the notion that I’m about to be stuck in the middle of something I won’t want to get out of. I’m already kneeling on the bed, so it’s an easy move for Red to get up behind me and place his dick firmly against my hole. I just checked my ass in the bathroom, so it is already semi-lubed and that’s apparently enough lube for Red, as he wastes no time spearheading his cock up my shoot.

I wince just a little, and having a dick up my ass has definitely given me pause. Fact: It’s hard to be in the middle of a fuck sandwich. I tried to feel the rhythm that Red was setting up, but what works for me as a bottom, definitely threw my dom top persona off his game. Finally we settle into something. It’s slower than I like and definitely less dramatic than a good old fashion power slam… but it is fun. I just start laughing. I never thought I’d experience something like this. I’m definitely having a good time, but I am experiencing a bit of schizophrenia. That, and, as I’m not use to having a dick up my butt while fucking one, the sensation gets to me fast and I am afraid I will lose me load.

I pull out of Stan, smack his ass hard with my hand, telling him, “I need a break. Go get him.” No need to tell him twice. Red forces me forward onto the bed. Basically he ends up lying on top of me, as Stan moves to impale Red’s ass. That lasts awhile, until I scoot out from under Red, who is taking quite a pounding from Stan. I get on my knees and face Red, getting him up onto his knees so he can suck my dick. I want my cock nice and hard for my next go at Stan’s hole. Once that is accomplished, I move behind Stan and enter him slowly. I pick up on his rhythm right away, and as far as the fuck sandwich goes, this is the best configuration we arrive at. Pretty soon though, it seems like I’m doing all the driving, which is fine with me. Stan pleads mercy; he’s in danger of losing his load. He opts out and I just move forward, right into Reds gaping hole.

Stan kneels in front of Red and makes Red suck his dick. I use this as the perfect opportunity to get to know Stan a little better. Leaning over Red’s back, I deep kiss my new bud. It’s a great kiss and we linger, tasting each other as we simultaneously stuff both Red’s holes. I break from the kiss only long enough to raise Stan’s arm. I dive in for a whiff. It’s fresh and potent. Nice man scent. I take a big whiff and place my mouth on his moist pit, doing to it what I just did to Stan’s ass awhile ago. After a bit, Stan returns the favor. I love it when a dude eats my pits. Nothing sexier. Makes me growl. In short order we we’re kissing one more, until Stan begs off again, afraid that he will lose his load.

The three of us then settle into the most interesting kissing session ever. Two mouths on one mouth, moving around the pile, each of us moving through a kind of rotation. We actually manage something akin to a three-way kiss. It’s a bit awkward, but way fun.

Talk turns to the money shots; who gets whose. Turns out Stan thought I was a total bottom and never expected to get fucked at all. He thought that he and Red were just going to be taking turns tag teaming my ass. Finally we come to the conclusion that since Red is the host, he gets to decide. I get to breed Stan, since he wasn’t expecting it, and then they will both tag team me and make me their total bitch. I don’t bother protesting. It sounds good to me – especially the little whore bottom in me.

I decide to get up and personal with my fuck for Stan. I want him on his back with his little legs up in the air and I want to kiss him deeply and lick his pits as he takes my dick. With such a little dude fucking is always such a joy. Because what you think you will end up doing changes once you get started due to the fact that you can pretty much manipulate their body into any position you want. In the end (pun intended) Stan ends up on all fours and I finish him off doggy style. Sorry, but when I’m in a dom kind of mind frame I just want to pile drive it home. Something about the slapping sound just gets me off. I also enjoy the whole power-thing.

With Stan happily filled, it’s now my turn. Red goes first. He lies down on his back and has me sit on his dick. I like this position a lot, because – again – basically I’m the one in control. I can take it as slow or as hard as I like. Being so tall, it’s a little awkward, but once I manage to get my feet out in front of me and onto the surface of the bed, I’m in heaven. In that crouched position I have a lot of flexibility and the ability to change up the action any way it suits me.

Red and I are having a good time. I pause now and again to lean over and give him a kiss of appreciation. I know there are a lot of size queens who will disagree, but being plugged by an average cock has its advantages. First you don’t get sore as quickly and secondly, it gives you the opportunity to actually tighten up your hole around that love muscle – which from the reaction it gets, is something a top really appreciates.

With my body hovering over Red, Stan decides he wants some action, too. He gets behind me and my spidey-senses start to tingle. He’s thinking double penetration and I’m thinking no fucking way. Not that either guy is that huge, but my ass is not made for that. It’s not so much that it wouldn’t eventually work, but I fear the damage that would be done in the process of getting an additional dick up there. Now I could be wrong, but as we’ve been playing for over an hour and I just decide to err on the side of caution.

Not that I had to make a big scene about it, because Red fires out a load just at that time. As Red slides out, Stan pushes me forward and enters from the rear. He’s pretty determined to do to me what I just did to him. I love doggy style and actually like fucking back on a dick in that position. But Stan wants to prove something. He grabs me by the shoulders and starts slamming my ass with a short, fast pumping action. I arch my back up and soon the head of his dick is hitting the insides of my ass just right. I turn around and give my little buddy a kiss of appreciation. This position and the way his dick is hitting is getting me off. Fuck, I’m hard again and damn if I don’t fire off a second load without once touching my dick. This seems to happen anytime someone massages my prostate just right – and Stan is the man in this case. Having warned him that I was going to shoot, Stan lets go of his load at the same time – kind of in one end and out the other.

As Stan and I fall into a heaving, panting pile, Red joins us, commenting on how hot that was to witness. The three of us again begin kissing one another, but we are all pretty spent. Stan is the first to rise. I admire his zero percent body fat body one more time as I curl into Red’s much more substantial one. I don’t want to leave the warmth, but the party is indeed over.

I make my way to the shower. As I linger under the hot spray, my body is still reliving the experience. I’m toweling off when Stan sticks his head in and says good-bye, promising to stay in touch. Later he emails me that he really would like to hook-up one-on-one some time.

Dressed and standing at the door, ready to leave, I give our host one last kiss. We already have another play date planned for the next week and I am looking forward to it. It’s nice to just relax and be naked with a dude. Don’t get me wrong, a quick fuck is always welcome, but actually taking some time to get to know somebody’s body and mind? Well that’s a whole ‘nother level of hot.

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