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Xmas Cums Early: I Get One Nice Package

It’s three days before Christmas. I post an ad on Craigslist offering “Travelling Oral Service”. Basic set up is: I come to them, get on my knees, blow them, and they shoot in my mouth or on my face. Then I get up, use a wet wipe and leave. No names. No reciprocation. Discretion assured. I’ve posted the ad before and, as always with Craigslist, it’s a hit and miss thing.

An hour and a half after I’d posted I get an interesting hit. He describes himself as mid-thirties, muscular, masculine, and hairy, with an eight inch dick. The headless naked body shot he sends is pretty hot looking and since his location is relatively convenient for me, I decide to bite. He sends an address and instructions on how to get into his building. I’m to just walk in his condo and get busy.

I hit the restroom before leaving to brush my teeth and gargle. A little nervous, I’m always worried the dude will change his mind, or reject me because they’re totally out of my league. Or that he’s a scammer. It happens. I’ve been sent to addresses in the past only to discover an empty condo. Sucks, but that is part of the game when hooking up on the net.

I get to the general area the dude’s building is in and then proceed to waste ten minutes driving around figuring out where the hell it is. Finally, I find it, park in the guest parking spot as instructed and get into the building entrance. I punch in the code and enter the lobby which leads to the elevator. As the elevator ascends, I grab my poppers out of my bag and double check the condo number. Off the elevator, I check the signs that have arrows indicating which side of the building a given condo number would be. The number I have isn’t in the sequence under either arrow. My heart sinks. Scammed? Again? Or did I write the number down incorrectly? It’s a three digit number and I remember the dude mentioning something in his email about me coming off the elevator and finding the door right there. Behind a frosted glass partition I spy a door with a number. It’s the same three digits that I have written on my slip of paper, but in a different order. Maybe I did just write them down wrong. I make my way to the door and pause. What if I’m wrong? Well, I reason, then the door won’t open. I turn the handle and the door opens. I peek inside.

It’s an entrance hall with a matt and some miscellaneous biking and running apparel scattered about. Still unsure, I walk to the far edge of rug. My eye catches sight of a flat screen TV. I watch for a second. It’s a porno with a dude waiting for dick at a glory hole! Alright! I close the door and slip off my boots. Removing my coat, I reverse my b-ball cap and walk toward the room with the flat screen. I turn the corner and… whoa. I lose my breath. The hottest fucking dude is sitting there, naked, with his legs spread wide apart. I hardly know where to begin to describe him, but I will do my best and start with his legs. Fuck. They are not vein-bulging, but they are massive, muscular and massively hot with just the right amount hair. His calves are really thick. My dick springs to attention immediately. His torso is meaty and sexy as hell, covered in a fine coat of light brown fur. Nicely contoured arms rest away from his sides as he leans back on the couch, showing off his broad, hunky shoulders. This is the healthiest stud I have had the honor of being in the presence of in awhile – and I hit the gym four to five days a week. The black and white photo he sent sort of captures the general idea of his body, but does not do it justice.

His face is sexy is hell. It’s a combination of his cautious smile and lively eyes. He has close cut hair, cute as hell ears, and great cheek bones. There’s a ruggedness about him that makes me want to cream my boxer briefs. His eyes keep darting back and forth between me and the screen. Deciding not to wait to find out who wins that contest, I get on my knees. That’s when I come face to face with one nice package.

His dick was already hard when I walked into the room. Nice mushroom head, straight, thick shaft. Eight inches for sure. But as lovely as his cock is, it’s his ball sack that gets my immediate attention. The dude has great skin in general, but his ball sack is fucking heaven. Hairless, smooth, with a texture my mouth only dreams and drools about. Since his legs are spread wide I’m able to approach his balls from the bottom. I take a big hit of poppers and place my lips under his left ball and suck, like a koi fish. I allow my saliva to build up enough to slide more of his flesh bag into my mouth. Soon enough I have the whole ball in my mouth and I close my lips around it, giving it a slight tug as I do. He groans with appreciation as I roll it in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue. Given his positive response I decide to stay the course. I move to his left nut and start the whole process over. Again, I get a slight groan with the tugging of his ball. Dude’s ball sack is nicely shaped and sized. Amazingly, when I make my move to corral both balls in my mouth at the same time, they pop into place with incredible ease, no doubt due to the nice slick coat of saliva they were coated with. That’s when my real fun begins. I keep pushing the limits to see just how much strain that nut sack can take. With each slow tug he continues to make a sound… either a groan or a gasp. Sexy as hell. On the sixth tug, he finally speaks, telling me to ease up. I immediately do. I respect people’s limits, even as I like to test them. His dick has remained hard this entire time, and in fact, out of the corner of my eye, I caught it flex and throb as I was tugging on his balls. Deciding that his cock has been patient enough, my lips release his balls and work their way to its base. Keeping my lips firm and in koi fish mode, I kiss my way up the entire shaft, creating slight suction with each contact. Moving back down the shaft I slick it up with saliva before running my tongue back up to just under the head of his dick. Rising up on my knees, I engulf the entire head of his dick and, keeping my mouth open wide move down half the length. Then I close my mouth around the shaft and pause. This gets another response and now I want the whole thing. My mouth goes wide once more and I go for the base of his cock, pausing just long enough to relax the back of my throat when it hits it and allow it to pass. Then I wrap my mouth around his entire dick and take a deep breath through my nostrils. He begins to move his hips up and down, wanting to stuff my throat even more.

As intense as everything is feeling, neither of us is rushed or forceful. There’s an ease and sweetness to the whole thing that reminds me of why it is I love sucking cock. His hands move to the top of my b-ball cap and, applying just the slightest of pressure, he continues to slowly fuck my throat. It’s total bliss, and I’ve forgotten to take another breath, so I have to come up for a little air. That’s when I notice how cute the head of his dick is. It is a perfect, pink helmet; a lovely smooth dome that has just the hint of a curve at its very bottom. I decide to give it the royal treatment and begin slicking it up, rolling and running my tongue underneath and over the top of it. Closing my lips over its entirety I begin to suck and release, suck and release. I love the feel of this motion and the texture of his skin. While I’m working the head of his dick, he reaches over my back and begins to work his hand into the gap between the back of my jeans and my lower back. Man, I would give anything to give up my hole to this dude, but that is not part our agreement ad I plan to stick to the agreed scenario.

But my dick is pressing hard inside my jeans and I need to give it a little air. I unbutton them, undo the zipper and allow my swollen cock to ride up over the waistband of my boxer briefs. My mouth slides down the length of his dick again, riding past the back of my throat as I pause to swallow hard. As I continue to swallow and flex my throat on his dick, his hands continue to run down the length my back and reach into the gap at the back of my jeans. I then start bobbing my head up and down. His hands move to grab my upper arms and he squeezes. I’m still wearing my sweater, and since I have a white-t on underneath, I decide to give him a better idea of what kind of shape my body is in. I rear up and remove the sweater, working it over my b-ball cap as I do. I crouch back down and pause just long enough to give each of his inner thighs a kiss, before returning my mouth to his dick. His hands return to my upper arms and he aids me as I my mouth bobs up and down on his hot dick. I haven’t really used my hands much yet, so I decide to begin by isolating his balls to the bottom of his nut sack and hold them firmly for a bit. He sits up onto the edge of the couch and reaches under to play with my pecs and nips through my t. I release his balls, and take my mouth from his dick and I begin to give him what I call “the old whore trick”. This is basically a move I think I picked up from an Xavier Hollander novel back when I was a kid babysitting. Taking a slicked up cock in your hand you remove your mouth from the dick just long enough to run the palm of your hand over the head, before returning your hand to the base of the dick and your mouth over the top of the dick. It’s a trick whores use to get off a john faster, so they can move onto the next. Not that that’s my intent here. I just want to see what kind of reaction I get out of this dude. And I do get a reaction. After about the fourth roundhouse, he calls me off by pulling my hand from his dick. Dude is close. And that’s when he totally changes up his game.

He stands up, and I move back just a bit to allow him enough room. He grabs my head and begins to skull fuck the shit out of my mouth. Now I really have a sense of just how fucking masculine and strong this motherfucker is… what a man! I turn my head just slightly, which allows him to penetrate deep in my throat and that’s the spot he wants. He fucking holds my head tight as hell into place and he continues to push against my face.

That’s also when I notice just how fucking hot his legs are. Jesus, Joseph and Mary. Legs like a god. Big, fat, muscular calves, so hot, that after squeezing them with my hands and running up and down their full length, I take my exposed dick and begin to hump one of them. I would love nothing more than to shoot my load all over his hot leg, but then I remember the no recip clause of our agreement, which is the only reason I still have my jeans on.

He’s been gripping my skull something fierce this entire time and his tempo is definitely at peak point. He grunts out that he’s about to cum, which is nice of him – it always gives one the option to opt out of swallowing, but totally unnecessary in this case. A deep guttural sound escapes his being. He continues to slam fuck my face as he unleashes his load deep, deep into my throat. I only get a sense of just how delicious his jizz is once he is done and pulls his spent dick out of my mouth. It’s fresh and spunky, just as nature intended.

Horned up beyond all means, I just want more. I take his dick back in my mouth and begin to clean him up a bit. He’s really sensitive, pulling out after just a few seconds with a tiny shriek. Still, he’s nice enough to allow me four more tries before I finally take a hint and allow the man some air.

Dutifully, I get up, zip up, grab my sweater and poppers and make my way back to my boots. As I’m putting on my boots we make small talk, both giddy with the pleasure of the experience. As I’m walking out the door, he tells me he will definitely keep me in mind in the future and that it’s hard to find a good cocksucker in Minneapolis. I’m not sure if the latter is all that true – I know there certainly are a hell of lot of enthusiasts. Maybe they just lack the skills.

They should read an Xavier Hollander novel. Great source for working on your in-the-field technique.

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