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Part 5, Finale: Best Made Plans and Bucket Lists

Making my way down to my locker in the basement, I had no idea what to expect.  I decided to walk around and take the temperature of the place before committing to taking a Viagra; the pills are expensive and I didn’t want to waste them on a situation that may or may not pan out. 
There were a few new arrivals.  A blond, slim, muscular dude who had popped in and out earlier in the day; there’s something shady about him.  His demeanor is very defensive, as if his force fields are up full-power in order to avoid interacting with others.  Drugs?  Alcohol?  I can’t be sure.  We talk briefly, seated on the futon in the back, and later in the evening he appears in the video room, making a promise he never delivers, though, ultimately, we never connect.
There’s also a cute, young, granola type; slim, pert ass, nice body.  He has very long, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail and an odd tramp stamp above his ass; neither of which I find very appealing.  Still, his dick is hard as a rock as he walks around stark naked.  As I’m seated on the futon, he cruises me three times before giving up.  I don’t know quite what to make of him, so I don’t make a move.  Later in the evening, he gets it on with one of the silver-haired daddies, the tallest of the bunch.  They go in a room behind the video room and re-emerge twenty minutes later, after which, the granola type showers, dresses, and leaves, his dick still hard as a rock.
Dewey and Mr. Wonderful disappeared around dinner time.  I notice now that they have returned and emptied their lockers.  Maybe it’s true love and they are now married, living happily ever after.  Personally, I’d rather stick knitting needles in my ears than have to listen to Dewey’s inane patter, but, hey, to each their own, right?  There’s somebody out there for everyone, I guess.
Surveying the rooms, I notice a bottom with his ass in the air, framed nicely in the doorway to his room.   I pass by several times and am not tempted.  He looks to be in good shape, nice hairless ass, but not my scene.  Never has been.  The two college-types are back from the bar.  They had a wonderful time; great crowd, top-40 music.  I promise to check it out the next time I visit. 
Returning to my locker, I glance at the time.   It’s 1:30 am.  Where did the time go?  Weighing my options, I come to realize that this is it, the last of my vacation.  Heaven knows when I will be able to get away again.  All my obligations await me back home, each needing their special amount of attention and time.  Shrugging my shoulders, I decide to just go for it.  I fish through my shaving kit and locate my ‘Precious’: a vial of prescription Viagra, 100 mg.  My doctor told me to cut the pills in fourths and to experiment.  I’ve taken Viagra in the past.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  I think, for me, it has to do with protein intake.  I had some fatty Kung Pao Chicken earlier (not the thing to eat with Viagra), but have kept very well hydrated.  It’s been several hours since I last used poppers, also a no-no with Viagra, so I feel pretty confident about using it without risking any negative side effects.  Having a cardiac arrest is not the way I would like my vacation to end.
Biting one of the pills in half, I store away the rest.  I check my ass, and have no idea what to expect; not in regards to the rest of my stay at the Sauna, or the Viagra.  I walk around a bit more.  The steam room is empty.  The same dudes are occupying the tiny, private rooms.  That leaves the vid room. For some reason I decide to take the rest of the Viagra before venturing inside. 
 I walk in.  There sits The Hunk, playing with his dick.  He smiles. Plopping my ass next to him, it’s like teleporting to the past, as he leans over and offers me his bottle of poppers.  I decline, for reasons only known to me.  We sit and watch the video.  It’s a good one.  Outdoors, on a ranch, scruffy looking dudes with nice bods, but real, too.  The action morphs into a gang bang of sorts, with one bottom being passed around.  It’s just enough to get me going.   I feel that wonderful, familiar stir in my loins.  Houston, we have lift-off!
I force The Hunks mouth down on my dick.  Suddenly my confidence is through the ceiling.  Amazing what a little pharmaceutical aid can do.  Soon, I’m standing and fucking his face.  The two dudes who are sitting in the room depart quickly.  The door to the video room is now propped open.  The Hunk asks me if I care if anybody sees, and I’m like, ‘Fuck yeah, let ‘em watch.’  My cock feels great and I move The Hunk’s ass around so I can fuck him while watching the vid.  That’s when I notice this little mirror propped up on a table.  Repositioning ourselves, we’re now both able to watch my dick plow his hole.  One of the college-aged kids walk in, the tall one, he watches for a bit, jerking on his dick, and then moves on.  A couple of others walk in, too.  I love being watched, especially when I’m confident and in good form.
The Hunk’s body is a thing of wonder.  His bubble butt looks fantastic riding my cock.  I give it a good smack or two every once in a while, just to keep him motivated.  I love the curve of his back and the way his chest v’s out from his waist.  Massive shoulders and arms; he’s an ideal porn dude in miniature. 
I change stuff up just enough to keep it interesting.  The Hunk is loving it, throwing lots of compliments my way, feeding my ego.  I figure he’s happy just to have a dick up his ass.  He’s on all fours, then I make him stand.  We’re both being total narcissists, checking out ourselves in the mirror.  At this point the thin, blonde muscle dude walks in and watches.  He plays with himself under his towel.  The Hunk asks him if he’s up for a little three-way action, and the blonde says sure, and then bolts from the room, explaining that he needs to get something from his locker.  Again, I suspect drug use and I have no interest in really playing with the blonde, but The Hunk is optimistic, so I decide to go with the flow.
 At the half hour mark, I feel the great rush approaching and pull out.  I don’t want to lose my load just yet.  We are both gasping for breath, which surprises me, for I didn’t realize we were expending that much energy.   We watch the video and wait for the blonde’s return.  He never reappears, and I never catch sight of him again. 
For some reason, my dick begins to flag, going from rock hard to semi-hard.  It’s disappointing and I am beginning to regret not creaming The Hunk’s hole when I had the chance.  We leave the vid room and I walk around a bit again.  I notice that there is someone lying on the bed in my favorite room.  He’s on his back, which means he’s probably not a bottom, and his body looks to be in good shape.  In these situations, I usually just hover near the doorway for no more than a minute.  If an invitation is not forthcoming, then I simply move on.  I’m about to do exactly that, when The Hunk appears behind me.
“Hey, Darryl, you up for some company?” 
Clearly, this is someone that The Hunk knows.  Darryl answers affirmatively, and The Hunk asks, “You up for a little three-way company?”  I don’t wait for an answer, I just follow The Hunk into the room. 
The door is closed and the fun begins.  I move on up and take Darryl’s dick into my mouth.  It’s seven inches, and nice.  His body is nice, too.  He’s lying on his back, and it’s dark, a black light providing the only light in the room, so I can’t make out his face.  I suck on his dick and get hard.  Soon, The Hunk is sucking on me.  Without any sense of who this dude is, I move on up for a kiss.  His cock is hard and I know exactly what I want to do.  I straddle him and lower my hole onto his cock, kissing him the entire time.  He indicates his pleasure and soon I’m bouncing and he’s thrusting, as The Hunk leans in and tries to suck my dick. 
After a bit, I stop, dismount and feed Darryl my dick.  I move so that I can fuck his face.  As I’m doing this, The Hunk moves in and eats my ass.  The Hunk then guides my ass back onto Darryl’s dick.  My knees are just starting to bother me a bit, so I roll Darryl up to a sitting position.  He takes this as his cue to fuck me missionary style, and with little effort, I soon find my back flat on the bed with my legs in the air. 
That’s when I recognize Darryl.  He’s the older dude with the nice body that The Hunk was playing with earlier in the evening.  He’s a nice, affable guy.  Maybe, he’s my age, maybe a little older.  He has a full head of hair and I get right away that he’s a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, and that suits what I have in mind to a ‘T’.  As Darryl is fucking my hole, The Hunk is leaning against the wall, huffing poppers and making comments.  Like I said, before, I like being watched, whether I’m a top or a bottom.   The other thing?   Typically, as soon as a dick enters my ass, my dick takes the hint and retreats – but not today, and that gives me a stellar idea.
Darryl wants a bit of a break, so we disengage.  I pull The Hunk up on the bed and start fucking him doggy style.  As I am pounding his hole, I announce that it’s time to cross something off my bucket list… I want to be fucked as I am fucking someone.  Being piggy in the middle is something that is difficult to pull off for me, for the reason cited above.  But Viagra is a game changer.  I’m feeling totally confident, certain in my ability to pull this one off.
I still for a moment, with my dick inside The Hunk.  Darryl gets behind me, and, after some careful negotiations and adjustments, he enters my hole.  It takes us a couple of tries before we find a rhythm that works. I come to realize that it’s really important for me to take my cue to thrust from Darryl’s.  Once we get the hang of it, we move in sync like the workings of a clock.  I’m loving it, and especially because I am confident that I am in total control, not only of my dick, but also my orgasm. 
After about ten minutes of playing piggy, I decide to return the favor and fuck Darryl.  He’s not much of a bottom, he tells me, but he’s game.  On his back, he protests a little at first, and it takes him a bit to adjust to my width, but once I’m in, it’s game on.  I fuck him for about ten minutes when, much to my surprise, The Hunk finds his balls, moves behind me, and mounts my ass in a reverse of the piggy in the middle we’d just enjoyed.  He’s getting off over taking my ass and I enjoy his enthusiasm, though it doesn’t last long.  I then announce that I am crossing that item off my bucket list.
This gets The Hunk thinking about his own bucket list.  He wants to be double fucked.  One problem: it seems that Darryl’s dick performs pretty much like mine in a similar situation; once a dick enters his ass, his cock is done for the day.  But we want to humor The Hunk, so I lie on my back and he prepares to straddle my dick while facing me.  I have to explain to him how this is supposed to work, based on the vids I have seen on line.  Then Darryl is supposed to slide his dick in from behind as The Hunk leans forward.  Well, there’s a couple of issues: 1/ The Hunk’s height prevents him from leaning forward enough to offer up his hole to Darryl while keeping my dick inside, and 2/ Darryl’s dick is not cooperating.   So, then the Hunk decides he knows a better way.  He wants us dick to dick.  I tried this once with a couple of tops and it was a no go, but I give it the good old college try.  This proves just as unsuccessful as our first attempt and I decide to move on… I still need to nut.   But not before The Hunk decides that I need to try fisting him again while he sucks Darryl.  Halfheartedly, I play along up until a point, and that would be my knuckles.  I explain that I think we were pretty lucky the first time and maybe we should give the whole fisting thing a rest.  Hey, we did it once, so it’s off the bucket list, right?
Moving onto the floor, I bend The Hunk over and go ape shit on his ass, pounding away for all I’m worth.  He’s having a good time and Darryl is enjoying the show.  For some reason I am rock hard, but nowhere close to cumming, a real rarity for me as a top. I announce that I am like the energizer bunny tonight, and fuck on and on and on…
With great focus and concentration, I give myself permission and am able to send my jizz up my shaft before blowing it deep into The Hunk’s hungry, well-fucked hole.  And… that’s all she wrote folks.  I am done for the night.  The excitement of the moment carries me to the showers and up the stairs to my room.  Grabbing my blanket, I notice it’s 3:30 am, with checkout being 9:30.  I am satiated and totally spent, but happy as hell.  Proud of myself, I curl up in my blanket and in no time flat drift into a deep, deep sleep.
I awake screaming. 
It’s morning , and someone is knocking on the door.  I have no idea where I am.  The voice on the other side of the locked door says, “Hey, you okay?”  I say, ‘yes’, still unsure what is up.  “Okay, just checking.”  My mind races.  It must be checkout time. Did I oversleep?  I grab my towel and check my phone, which is now totally charged again.  It’s 7:30 am.  I have a full two hours.  Hitting the bathroom first, I brush my teeth and shave, before heading down to the showers in the basement.  I could use the one in my personal sauna, but, hell, I might miss something.  I pass the breakfast buffet on my way to the showers.  It’s been replenished; lots of sugar and caffeine and not my thing. As I’m showering, Darryl and The Hunk appear, on their way into the video room. 
“You okay?  When I knocked on your door you were screaming.”  Ah, so, it wasn’t the night clerk asking me to checkout, it was Darryl looking for some more fun.  They disappear into the video room, and I don’t even bother saying good-bye, which, I know I should, but, I figure I might as well just hit the road and get home as soon as possible. 
It’s been a long week.  I buy some snacks and water for the road and leave the night clerk a nice tip.  In my morning daze, I recall the incredible job that I did as a pharmaceutically-enhanced top.  It was the perfect way to end my vacation, and a typical way to end a stay at The Duluth Family Sauna: on a high note.
The drive home is short and simple.  I stay awake recounting my adventures over the past six days and am pretty proud of myself.  I had more than enough sex, and, for the most part, the sex was high quality.  Out of the six guys I played with, there was only one I sort of regretted and would not play with again.  And, while the thing I most wanted to cross off my sexual bucket list did not come to pass, at least I got the piggy in the middle thing taken care of.  Come to think of it, that probably was not the first time I ever played piggy in the middle, but, let’s pretend it was. 
Do I have any regrets?  Only the stuff that didn’t work out.  Would I do it all again?
You bet your sweet ass I would. (And will!)


The Vintage Hottie known as O!Daddie said...

... more than enough and high-quality.. and they all lived happily ever after. What an amazing Fairy tale. :>)

whkattk said...

Please, please, please... be careful about taking viagra... it can certainly give your cock a boost up but, if it truly doesn't need the help, as you acknowledged in the post, it can be lethal!

Sam said...

Glad to see another Gay Man who enjoys sex with men as much as I do.
Thanks for sharing your adventures