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Your Boyfriend Fucks Me, Too: A Sex Trilogy Part 1

Friday.  In a mood.  Had been a good boy all week, avoiding temptation, keeping my nose to the grindstone.  That should count for something, shouldn’t it?  In the big picture, don’t we get credit for abstaining; for controlling our compulsive needs and wants?  Maybe.  Certainly not always.  My mind felt fractured.  Things at work, not good.  Not typical.  I’m a creature of habit and my rut has recently been flattened and crushed.  Leaving work, I know just what to do.  I know just where to go.
Sitting in my car, in the parking lot of my favorite cruising park.  It’s winter, but the sun is out today and I am hopeful.  I don’t wait long.  A black BMW pulls beside me.  He has a blue glass dolphin hanging from his rear view mirror.  I recognize it.  He’s on his phone, blah, blah blah; stealing furtive glances in my direction.  I’m sure, but not sure.  I wait.  Finally he gets off the phone.  The lot has emptied out, so I nod my head and he nods in response.  He’s fiddling with something in his lap and soon I hope to be fiddling with it, too. 
Making my way to his car, I bring along some cock rings and poppers, just in case, though I’m pretty sure it’s not my cock that will be getting all the attention.  At least ten years my junior, he’s kind of hot.  In good shape.  Bald head, quarter-inch full bead.  I like the shape of his head.   And his mouth.  He’s got his cock out.  Eight inches.  Reasonably fat.  I slide in and put my mouth on that baby immediately.  Why bother with small talk; we both know what I’m there for.  
It’s a meat and potatoes blow job, only, no dessert.  Cars start drifting in.  He gets nervous, questioning me whether I know this one or that one.  I don’t.  I haven’t been playing the parking lot game the way I used to, so I am out of touch.  Hunkered down in the passenger’s seat well, I am essentially on all fours.  It’s a challenge, at this angle, but I manage to make it work.  But then a car comes in and he freaks, zips up, and I have to be good and return to my seated, upright, position.  More questions to which I have no answers. 
He asks to see my cock.  Sure, what the hell.  I shuck my jeans (skinny, too tight), down to my ankles and let it all hang out.  He gets all handsy with it and unfurls his own in the process.  I take this as my cue to get back to work, and I do.  He’s hard and making the occasional noise, which is always a good sign.  I want to get him there and get out.  The suit he’s wearing is black and I worry that I will stain it with my saliva or his pre-cum; the fabric seems the type that is unforgiving and shows the tiniest infraction.   But is that really something to concern myself with?  Only if I want a second shot.  If I remember correctly, this dude only appears once in a blue moon, so, other than I have the time to think it, not sure why this occurs to me.  I take his balls and tug and fondle them.   I’ve found that if I rub a dude’s balls just right, I can get them to contract up, which is a sign that they are close to shooting.  His balls follow suit, and he’s making lovely little noises.  I think I’ve got him where I want him. 
My technique?  Really good, despite the weird angle.  He reaches over my back and starts playing with my hole, because my bare ass, as I am on all fours in the passenger’s side well with my jeans around my ankles, is sticking up there for all the world to see.  I make noises of approval and he starts working my hole with his fingers.  I would love to get fucked, but something tells me that is not going to happen.  He’s too nervous.  But not so skittish as to not do an excellent job, finger fucking my hole.  It’s clean, so I let him at it.
Out of the blue, he tells me he’s too nervous.  Pants are zipped and I… I go with the flow - sure I understand, blah, blah, blah.  I reseat myself and hike up my jeans.  As I’m doing this he tells me that he was really close to cumming.  Really?  Then why didn’t he?  You know why not?  Because he’s one of those that saves it, like pennies in a piggy bank.  Thing is, cum replenishes itself, so this makes no sense to me.  I hang around just long enough to make sure that his dick is not going to make another appearance.  Giving his crotch a nice pat, I exit the vehicle.  There are five other vehicles in the lot.  They all know what I’ve been up to… and I don’t give a fuck.
Dolphin man drives off.  Soon everybody else follows suit. I check the time.  I check out Grindr.  I check out Scruff.  I unlock my passenger door and exit my vehicle.  I have to pee.  I always leave my passenger door unlocked just in case I get locked out of my car.  I stand near the rear of my vehicle, on the opposite side from the entrance to the parking lot and the road that runs along the edge of the park.  Cars drive by, but they don’t know what I’m doing.  I get back in the car.  I take all my sex kit out of my bag and lay it out on my passenger seat.  Condoms, lube, cock rings, poppers, etc.   It’s early.  I still have time to score something.
In drives a red pick-up.  He parks one space down from my vehicle, so there is a space between us.  If he was truly interested he’d park right next to me.  We play the steal-a-glance game for a bit.  What do I think of him? He’s probably my age, but looks older, with shoulder length salt and pepper hair.  The couple days growth on his chin doesn’t exactly help him in the age department.  He has a small, thick gold hoop in his ear.  It’s not bad . Kind of granola.  Kind of a gamble.  It’s always dicey this way; his vehicle is much higher than mine and I can’t see much of him.  Is he fat?  Could be.  Will I go find out?  Probably.
The lot is clear of other vehicles.  Finally, he smiles and nods his head.  I grab my cock rings and a bottle of poppers and exit my vehicle.   Like the board game says, it’s time to open the door and meet my next mystery date…
- End Part One -


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A few years ago I used to hook up with guys online and then meet them in the local park and give them blow jobs. Some of them would complain their wives or girl friends didn't like sucking cock. I was just too happy to oblige them!