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The Mystery of the Curious Couple: Tail From The Prairie

Two of the reoccurring characters at the Prairie this summer are a duo I will refer to as The Curious Couple.  Granted, they were part of my scene before this summer; whenever I would advertise a blindfolded walk-in scene on Craigslist, which I would host at one of my empty rental houses, the older of the two would hit me up.  Three times, they actually showed up.  However, they were there more as observers, than participants. 

The older dude: mid-thirties, flat-top blonde, beefy/average bod with an average seven inch dick – would make me suck him, while his younger counter part: mid-twenties, dark hair, cute/boyish face, slim bod, average six point five inch dick – would stand over me, jacking his cock.  The younger dude never let me so much as touch his dick and they would only show up if I already had at least one other dude coming.

During these walk-in encounters, the older dude was always very verbal, telling the hapless top plowing my hole to fuck me harder, etc., while calling me names, and asking me questions, like, “How does it feel?”.  And while obviously very excited, neither ever shot their loads.  What I believe was going on was they were storing up the visceral stimuli of my encounter with the top and then going home to fuck each other’s brains out. 

The older dude frequently emailed me wanting to see me get fucked by someone.  It always struck me as odd, but, hey… whatever floats their boats.   It sort of floated mine.  In a way, they were like fuck groupies.  I was flattered by their interest. 

Then they started frequenting the Prairie this summer.  Now, keep in mind, I had always been blindfolded during our encounters before, so I had no idea what they actually looked like.  The summer began simply enough with them shadowing me a few times, standing off in the distance, watching.  Then the older of the two began approaching me, asking me if there was anyone around to fuck me, or if I’d gotten fucked already.  That’s when I started to put two and two together.  Yep, it was them – The Curious Couple.

The fifth time we ran into each other, they surprised me by whipping out their dicks; the older one telling me how he wanted to see my ass get fucked, as we all jerked off (I shot my load, they did not).  Again, the younger of the two didn’t allow me to touch his dick, while the older one did, although I never attempted to suck it on this occasion.  This scene happened twice and I thought that was going to be the be-all/end-all of our encounters on the Prairie. 

So, imagine my surprise one quiet, sunny, Thursday, late-afternoon, when The Curious Couple took things to the next level!

-- --

Settling into the largest pod, the sun felt good, so I decide to strip down to nothing.  The last several weeks at the Prairie have been rather quiet, so I am not expecting much.  The previous day I noticed someone, a bottom, I presumed, lying naked on his stomach with his ass slightly in the air.  It looked like a sexy pose and I wondered whether or not it got him any attention. 

On this day, I decide to adopt that same posture.  It’s risky, because you’re facing inward and unable to see who is walking into your pod.  But the wicked feeling it gives me seems worth it.  There haven’t been any cops around weekdays since the first week of the season, so I am fairly certain I will be safe from prosecution/persecution.
Normally, when at the Prairie I’m like a cat, ready to pounce, super aware of any movement within my vicinity.  Needless to say, trying to relax while throwing my ass to the wind takes some getting used to.  Fortunately, I don’t need to wait long for something to happen.  I tell you - you want something to happen, someone to appear?  Just drop your pants and the universe will take care of the rest.

A shadow from the west falls across my back.  I know somebody is there.  Poppers at the ready, I turn my head to see who it might be.  Lo and behold, there stands The Curious Couple.  The older of the two does all the talking, as per usual.  My expectations are immediately muted.  I am in a mood to get fucked and am all lubed and ready to go.  Jerking off?  Just isn’t going to cut it.  I want more, but am more than willing to talk with the boys for a bit.

As the older one (let’s call him ‘Sven’) crouches down, I roll over on my side.  The younger dude (hmmm…  David?  As in David Arquette, because that is who he reminds me of, except younger and thinner) is already playing with the crotch of his shorts.  They always dress the same (plaid golfer’s shorts, crew neck tees, and sockless tennis) and this day is no different.  I must say, David’s legs, with their dark fur, look pretty hot shooting out from those chump-ass shorts.  I also know something else he has that will look good shooting out of that open fly.

Sven is his usually chummy, overly-familiar self, wanting to know if I’ve gotten fucked yet.  I tell him ‘no’.  I’ve only been there for about twenty minutes.  He stands up and looks about, asking if there are a lot of other dudes around.  There are a few… an older dude that I am not interested in and a tasty-looking, hairless muscle stud who is reading ‘Wicked’ in the nude and has already given me the cold shoulder.  I think they would dig the muscle dude, and am a bit surprised when they don’t run off to investigate.  Instead Sven asks me if I’d be interested in the older dude fucking me.  That’s not going to be happening, I tell them. 

Now they both start craning their necks around, so I know something is up, but remain clueless.  They are always very cautious – about everything, which, I have to respect.  Then Sven starts to undo the front of his shorts.  Oh, great, I’m thinking… another JO session.  Nothing wrong with that, but I’m not planning on losing my load.  However, instead of merely whipping out his dick, he drops those shorts to his ankles and then shucks his boxer briefs down.  David quickly follows suit, as Sven crouches near my head, his semi-hard cock in hand, and says to me, “Well, you look good enough to fuck, today.  You up for that?”

Need he ask?

Sven feeds me his dick.  It’s all right: not a throat-filler, easy to digest.  I’m lying on my side and the partner is standing, dick in hand at my feet.  For his benefit, I raise up my knees towards my chest, spread my cheeks and start playing with my slicked up hole.  I’m feeling nasty, like a total whore.  I catch David’s eyes - he likes me like this.

For a change, as we play, they are both a bit verbal, punctuating things with approving ‘Fuck Yeah’s and the like.  What can I say?  The old theatre whore in me likes to play to the crowd.  Now, Sven has his balls in my mouth, ordering me to lick them, as he strokes his dick.  When I suck on them instead, he grabs my face with one hand, steering my eyes to his and says, “I said ‘lick’, not suck.”  I comply, liking where this is going.

After sucking his cock a bit more, Sven moves me around to between my legs.  His partner in crime crowds in, looking over his shoulder as Sven lines up his dick to enter me.  He’s eager.  And I’m surprised. 

This isn’t like them.  They are typically way more cautious.  Earlier in the summer, they watched as this Hispanic man I like to call The Thong Dude fucked me for the second time that day.  They watched, discreetly cheering us on, but their dicks remained in their pants.  So, to suddenly have them both so exposed, so verbal, so intimately involved?  It’s a little disconcerting, but I take a hit of poppers to quiet those thoughts. 

On my back, the sun is over their shoulders.  This is what I wanted; to be plowed out here in the open, under the big sky. Sven lubes up his dick and then fingers my hole a bit before easing in.  I take another hit of poppers.  I just love the rush.  No drama with the entry.  He grabs my ankles and, on his knees, starts to undulate his hips.  It’s a nice, big movement.  Feels great.

David’s eyes are greedy, taking it all in.  He looks like a news reporter who just got a big scoop.  Jerking his dick the whole while, he gradually moves toward the top of my head, where he squats, allowing his balls to grace my lips.  I lick those balls while squeezing my hole for all it’s worth.  I want Sven to have a good ride.  Squeeze and release, Squeeze and release.  Sven’s pace is steady, his demeanor focused with intent. 

“You like that?  Like me up your hole?”

He already knows the answer, but I give him the reply he needs.  This causes him to ramp it up.  Pushing forward now, we move into more of a missionary style thing, his shoulders pressing down on the back of my thighs.   He takes David’s dick in his mouth for a bit, but with all his thrusting, it’s not really giving David what he wants.  So David flips around.  His ass is now in Sven’s face.  On all fours, he lowers himself to feed me his dick! 

Wow, I’m thinking.  I’ve never even gotten to touch this man’s cock, let alone suck on it.  I’ve definitely offered in the past, but was always refused.  We remain in this position for bit.  I think Sven is eating David’s hole, but I can’t be certain, for the sun is in my eyes and David’s pelvis is in my face.

Suddenly David gets up, still straddling me.  He’s stroking his dick and asks, “You want it?” 

“Sperm me.”

He lets his load fly.  The first shot shoots over my head while the second almost hits me in the eye.  As he’s coming, he crouches down just a bit, trying to ensure that the remaining eight shots land on my face.  Most do, some hit my neck, the juice running down my skin. 

Sven has paused his assault on my ass long enough to enjoy his partner’s money shot.  He reaches over, grabs the poppers, takes a hit, and pounds my hole as the poppers flood his system.  Just as he hits that peak, he pulls out and cums all over my dick and lower abdomen.  David’s already moved behind him, peering over his shoulder when his first volley erupts.  They are quite the pair; a weird voyeuristic energy running between them. 

Knowing that this is as good as it gets at the Prairie, I have been working my dick as well.  I ask if it’s okay if I cum.  Why?  Not sure, but I feel the need to be granted permission.  “Yeah, do it.”  Sven slides his index finger in my freshly fucked hole, teasing it, toying with it.  The two move in on either side of me.  I feel like the subject of a lab experiment.  Their intense attention pushes me over the edge and I lose my load. 

My heart is racing.  I tell them how unexpected this all is.  They laugh. I’d love to know what triggered this episode, but know better. I throw them a couple of clean, white gym towels I have in my bag and offer wet wipes.  I am a cum-covered slut, but decide to enjoy that coating for a bit, for the sun is still intense and it’s such a dichotomy of sensations: my sun-heated flesh, the cooling wet jizz, the sun now baking it onto my flesh. 

Small talk.  Sven, always with the questions.  Who fucked me recently?  How many guys?  It’s the sort of thing that he usually asks as a prelude to whipping out his dick. The dialogue tends to get him revved up, so it strikes me as odd that he is asking that stuff now.  Perhaps it’s because we have never talked of anything else.  I know nothing about them and merely assume they are a couple, since I have always seen them together.  I know better than to ask any questions.  They like it this way. Distant.  Detached.  I’m just some interactive fuck doll they use to fuel their lust. 

Still, they’re nice guys.  We part smiling. 

I bump into them a few days later.  There is no one at the Prairie that day.  Just me; wearing all my cock rings, including the ones that stretch my balls.  I’ve been entertaining myself for about a half hour, staying hard, edging myself while walking the paths.  At first, I’m a tad embarrassed to be spotted, but, hey, it’s them.  They walk up, their eyes bulging, keenly focused on my engorged fuck meat. “Nice,” say Sven, as he gives my balls a thump from the underside, causing my dick to pulse in pain and pleasure.   

I’d stop jerking my dick when they first spot me, but then I figure what the fuck?  I start talking to them, asking them what they think of my dick.  It’s exactly the trigger I’ve been needing.  I take myself to the edge – that far one, where there’s no turning back.  They’re standing so close to me, their eyes glued to my dick.  Here I am, standing in the middle of the Prairie beneath the sun, my dick looking ridiculously veiny all trussed up with the various chrome cock rings, my balls aching from being stretched.  “You like that? Like that big fucking dick?” 

“Shoot it.”

I’m already there. 

I wish I could hold back, but I can’t.  I take my hand off my dick.  It’s wicked red - purple even.  Still, it expands, swelling, once, twice and then… the cum shoots from my dick.  It takes all  the restraint I can muster not to grab and jerk it.  I want to see if I can do a no hands shoot. 

It’s not the rocket to the moon, but my load is good sized.  I think all the constraints placed on my dick by the various cock rings diminish its shooting range.  Still a nice puddle of white is forming on the path before us.  After four spurts, I grab my cock and finish it off.  What a nasty fucker I am.  In their eyes, though, I feel like a damn machine; their attention feeding my ego.

I retreat soon after, because the fool in me suddenly feels exposed.  As I move back towards where my stuff is, they linger, talking small talk.  But I don’t encourage anything. 

I’ll let them take that image home with them. 

They can talk about it as the fuck each other’s brains out.  

Well… at least I’m good for something. 




Queer Heaven said...

It is so cool to read a blog by another slutty guy!

Bruce Chang said...

Can't lie, wish I had a prairie to play at. Even better if a verbal flat-top blond stalks me from time to time with his boyfriend in tow.

Do you think he laid in on the questions after the fuck to get a sense of what kind of a risk by fucking you raw?

mistress maddie said...

Enough talking....can we just get the movie? Where do I pay?

whkattk said...

This prairie sure sounds like a great place. Got nothin' like that around here - too much desert!

Stan said...

Great writing again as usual. Thanks!

whkattk said...

Just an FYI: Yesterday's post, Acquired Tastes: Cher, will not show up for me... :-(

FelchingPisser said...

I missed this one! A really great encounter---you just need me there to piss all that cum off you....