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A Change in Summers

A Change in Summers

All around the world we swing
Like a penny in a spin
Always looking for the way
To get out,
To get in…
- from ‘Love Is The Groove’ by Cher

Lots of changes this year. 

First off, summer hasn’t arrived yet; we’ve had such cool temps accompanied by a fleet of thunderstorms that we seem to be stuck in a purgatory of spring (which, technically, I guess it still is – spring, I mean).  But at this point last summer, and in summers past, I had at least the beginnings of a mega-tan. 

That won’t be happening this year.

Nor will I be using the woods as my own personal bathhouse.  Those days, along with those type of behaviors, are gone.  Something in my brain has moved to the ‘off’ position, which is fine by me.  I don’t miss it, and doubt that I will.  There was too much work and anxiety involved in such trysts.

Those little adventures served as the fodder for my annual ‘Kinky Reports’, the fifth edition of which was supposed to be published in late March.  But I’ve been putting it off.  Once I met the boyfriend, my interest in pursuing casual hook-ups up and vanished, so the latest edition, if I ever get around to releasing it, will only cover a nine month period, as opposed to a complete year of sexual stats.

It was going to be my last report anyway.  Five years seemed like a good place to end it.  I knew my sexual exploits were on the decrease, but had no idea they would suddenly and simply end. 

It ended for a good reason, as in, the right reason. 

But that leaves me with a summer of full of unknowns.  The first sign of spring used to signal for me open season on any and all randy males prowling the cruising trails and sunning areas here in the Twin Cities.   Hooking up outdoors was my number one preoccupation, followed by my second preoccupation – getting plenty of sun while getting naked in the great outdoors. 

But even sunning is off the table now.  I don’t want to take the risks.  Skin cancer simply doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I had planned to return to that BDSM Campground in Wisconsin for an event called ‘Man Camp’ this year, but the boyfriend has no interest in it, and I don’t think I would have any fun if he wasn’t into it as well.  Instead, we’re going camping at Blue Mounds in August.  It will be hot, and I hope, for the boyfriend’s sake, the bugs are past their peak.  It could be a lot of fun, exploring the nearby caves and the infamous ‘House on the Rock’, as long as the temps are reasonable. 

We have started going to a swimming hole out in the country on Sunday mornings.  The water was a bit too cold last weekend, but we braved it anyway.  It’s a very nice facility; a pebbled bottom with lightly-chlorinated, clear water. If we go early there aren’t very many people about.  I look forward to that.

Otherwise, I don’t know what this summer will bring.  But change, in this case, is a good thing.  And this morning I’m thinking maybe I was stuck in whirlpool of activity I couldn’t figure out how to get out of. 

Sometimes life has to knock you upside the head in order to get your attention.  That is what happened to me last summer. 

So, I guess that’s what I will be doing this summer: paying attention…

…and not allowing this life to slip by.


mistress maddie said...

Well the weather here has been spectacular and I have much planned for summer. I think with you having a boyfriend has changed alot too. And with the campgrounds we go too, maybe not a good idea to early on to go too. Unless you guys are ok with open or threesomes. I love the post. And BTW, that opening picture has always been one of my favorites, its hot and very playful.

whkattk said...

Upton, you've moved to Scene 2 as we like to say in theatre rehearsals. And for all the right reasons; Scene 1 is perfected and you're up to the new challenges.

Enjoy the summer, enjoy the boyfriend; enjoy being naked outdoors but in shady areas.

BlkJack said...

One of my favorite activities with my husband is going on long drives. I love being in the car with him. It's something about the enclosed space that is very comforting.