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Kristine W’s 'Love Come Home' Hits #13

Kristine W’s 'Love Come Home' Hits #13

Dance diva Kristine W’s latest single, ‘Love Come Home’ is riding high at #13 on this week’s Billboard’s Dance Club Play chart.

‘Love’ is the third single from her 2012 release ‘New and Number Ones’.  Previous singles from the album include: ‘So Close To Me’ (#2) and ‘Everything That I Got’ (#4).

Kristine originally appeared as a featured artist on “Love Come Home” back in 1994.  The Our Tribe (feat. Frankie Pharaoh and Kristine W) version peaked at #33 in the U.K.

This marks her 20th dance hit on Billboard’s Dance Club Play chart.  It was chosen for release after conducting a poll on her website and allowing her fans to pick her next single.

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