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Friday Not-So Fun: Sandblasting Wonderland

Friday Not-So Fun: Sandblasting Wonderland

So, this is the spot where typically I write some suggestive text accompanied by a bounty of hot, sexy pics.

But not today.

Due to Google’s new policy prohibiting pornographic images, I have decided to forgo my usual fun and spend the next few weeks scrubbing Wonderland Burlesque up by removing such content.

I do so, under duress and with a great deal of uncertainty. 

You see, I find Google’s new policy to be rather vague.  This is a poorly considered, badly written piece of policy work which leaves this blogger with all sorts of questions.

Example: Let’s say I do remove all I consider pornographic?  Does this apply to images only, or will my text be scrutinized and demeaned unsuitable?  Does this rule apply to sex acts and erect penises only, or does it apply to all penises?  Is side butt allowed?  Is the image of two naked men embracing or kissing with only side butt showing and no penises in sight allowed?  What about jock straps or erections or penises whose outlines are clearly visible, but are, in fact, concealed by some type of covering? 

Well, you get the idea.  It’s a slippery slope.

They also issue this policy, but say nothing about the mature classification itself.  Is that going away?  Do I have to make my blog family friendly?  Or am I allowed to discuss and share adult oriented material that does not cross the line into pornography?

Umm… where IS that line, exactly?

And, again, this brings into question whether the text that I have shared will be allowed (some of my stuff… well, a lot of my stuff is rather, ummm… explicit). 

Am I wasting my time here?  I’ve already scrubbed up my past 76 posts.  Gotten rid of all those nasty penises, dripping erections, etc.  I have been moving in that direction anyway due to the rules over at google+ and because I just haven’t been feeling quite so hyper-sexual these days (something that happens when you find someone who truly makes you happy).

 But, again… am I wasting my time?  Is the hammer going to come down no matter what I do?

I have written the good people at Google, asking some of the above questions, but I doubt I will receive an answer because – WE NEVER DO.

I have written to them numerous times asking what is wrong with the whole manage my blogs thing (I really would like to unfollow some folks). 


There is a possibility that Google has had a change of heart.  I need to read that email, but, according to my bud whkattk, Google has received a ton of feedback and will now drop the new policies and, instead, rigorously enforce their current policy.

Their current policy?  Ummm, also rather vague, if I remember.  But I will give it a read. 

So, ummm… as Emily Litella used to say…

“Never mind.”

Update:  I just checked my email and have no such notification from google.  So?  Not sure.


FelchingPisser said...

The Breeder sent me the following link--for what it's worth:!category-topic/blogger/jAep2mLabQY

FelchingPisser said...

And I found this article:

I'm glad I was slow in reacting...though I never thought they'd reverse themselves...

mistress maddie said...

That is good news. I would have missed you. I don't think I would have had problems, and never got the email, but I was set to go to Wordpress just because I felt it was crazy censorship and not letting people have there freedom. If someone doesn't want to view a blog because of such content, then don't read. And if parents were worried, then they need to monitor more closely what the kids are doing.

whkattk said...

It is true, Upton. They've done a complete U-turn. It's been reported in various media reports.

I do think the blogger backlash got them thinking, but the new FCC regs made them reverse the decision.

Have a wonderful weekend, buddy! Instead of scrubbing the blog clean of dick pics, go out and collect some more for future posts!