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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Acquired Tastes, Chapter II : Armpits

The intoxicating, all-consuming musk of a fresh, ripe, armpit is what I’m talking about today, in this second installment of Wonderland Burlesques “Acquired Taste Series. Last week we explored the wonders and wonder-why-they-do-it of watersports. This week let’s dive deep into the mysteries of a moist, manly armpit and come up with a face full of delicious, manly, earthiness.


Scope of Activity:


- the licking, kissing, smelling, and nuzzling of armpits.
- the insertion of a rock hard dick into the fold of flesh created at the intersection of the inner, upper arm and pectoral area of the upper chest (
axillary intercourse)

The Official Line:

The axilla (or armpit, underarm, or oxter) is the area on the human body directly under the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder.

The term "underarm" typically refers to the outer surface of the axilla. However, the terms are sometimes used interchangeably in casual contexts. Colloquially (according to the Merriam Webster dictionary), armpit refers to an object or place which is smelly, greasy or otherwise undesirable.

The sexual attraction to the underarms is called axillism and/or also known as Armpit Fetish. Armpit fetishism (also known as maschalagnia) is a paraphillia in which an individual is sexually attracted to armpits.
The attraction is mostly involves the strong, pungent odor of the armpit. The odor of the armpit is the most powerful in the body, sufficiently powerful to act as a muscular stimulant even in the absence of any direct sexual association.

Psychological Aspects:

I think the act of licking another person’s armpit or breathing in their odor are a means of striving for intimacy, on a very base level. A person’s musk is very distinctive; very much a product of that individual and how their body processes various consumables. Just as one might consume a dude’s cum in order to feel closer, so might one dive in and lick a man’s arm pits as a means of capturing another individual’s primal essence.

Or it could be a physical reaction having to do with the taste and smell of a man’s underarms, in their natural form: minus cologne, antiperspirant, and the like. Pheromones, commonly believed to trigger a social response in members of the same
species, are produced by the skin's apocrine sebaceous glands, secreted via armpits and found in sweat.

My Experience:

As a child I associated sweat with my father working hard and then with my older brother, who was mean to me. Because of my contentious relationship with my older brother, I always had an aversion to sweat, its odor and origins and for a time was a bit prissy about it. I also recall a time when sweat made me uncomfortable and made my skin itch in winter.

As a football manager I embraced it – I had no choice. I had to handle player’s equipment and sometimes that equipment was brilliantly ripe. Still, I did not fetishize the aroma, at that time. That changed once I was free of my family and began working-out on a regular basis (about the same time I came out of the closet). Just as I fell in love with locker rooms and jock straps, so, too, did I come to have something of a fetish for the smell of fresh sweat and its primary origin – a manly underarm.

I can’t recall the first time I licked someone’s pit, or had mine licked. I do know that when armpits are on the menu there is a potent type of animal energy involved. Armpits are commonly listed in on-line profiles as something one is ‘into’. However, I don’t recall a single instance when that was part of the negotiation process when arranging a hook-up. There have been a number of times when I’ve had conversations with people who are into body smells, fresh sweat and armpits, but that type of dialogue, while titillating, has never led to any actual meeting. In short, all talk / no action; yes, Virginia, for some a fetish is exciting only in theory.

After a particularly lustful session that included some armpit love (see #1, below), I stopped using cologne (never really liked the stuff), bathing with harsh soaps (I now use a homemade, all-natural soap with just a hint of an earthy essential oil), and eliminated deodorants and antiperspirants. Now, the only time I use such things is when going on job interviews. Instead, I shower and change my clothes frequently. No, I’m not a stinky hippy. I don’t try to disguise my body odor by covering it up with patchouli and the like. Rather, I practice really good hygiene, very frequently.

I wish more men would. I can’t tell you how many times someone has offered up their armpit to me only to have me discover it caked with some odor-preventative. There was a time when I dove first and checked later – usually too late. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a mouthful of antiperspirant. That chalky stringent has a taste that lingers long, rendering your taste buds useless, placing a pall over any romp.

Three men come to mind when it comes to armpits.

One is this guy who has the perfect otter’s body – compact, thin, wiry, with just furry enough to qualify. Shorter than me by about four inches, he has dark, wavy hair, a close-cut beard and absolutely no body fat, which makes his dick seem much larger than it is, although it should be noted that he has a really nice dick (8.5 and thick). With a no-holds barred approach to hook-ups, the dude is into just about everything imaginable. I don’t think he’s ever met a kink he didn’t like. The first time I met him, I showed up at what I assumed was his place – only it wasn’t. When I walked in he was wrist deep inside another dude’s hole. That was my first exposure to fisting (a future Acquired Taste topic) – I didn’t participate, I just watched. A true versatile in the sack, he is also into leather, light bondage, poppers, cock rings, natural body smells, 420, group sex and making total pigs out of the willing. I like his attitude; open, blunt, and very masculine. I recall once meeting him in St. Paul, smoking a little and then hitting the sheets which were made of leather (another first). Initially I was so into humping the bed I forgot why I was there. Fucking each other every which way but loose, we ravaged on another’s bodies in a frenzy that lasted almost two hours. We both came four times and it remains one of the most intense sex sessions I have ever had. Thing is, I think it was all-in-a-day for him. I envy his drive. We loved the smell of each other. Diving into his pit was like laying my tongue on a ripe piece of mango. So earthy and rich, I could get lost in it (and on several occasions, did – or was that the 420?).

Another guy that comes to mind is a tall, muscular, bald bartender that I played with. His physique is like something out of a magazine – a very, very naughty one. His huge chest is covered in a reddish kind of fur, which also covers his bubble butt, Adonis legs, wide shoulders and contoured back. He’s total dom and within minutes of having our clothes off, I was calling him ‘Sir’. Actually, my clothes were already off and I was wearing a blindfold when he walked in, but after playing for about 30 minutes, he removed it. It was like an act of blessed kindness and I felt elated as my eyes lit upon that which my tongue and hands had explored so thoroughly. We played for another hour after that. I know he fucked me several times and actually wanted to fist me (I begged off). A hyper-masculine dream machine with a coke can cock, it seemed only fitting that I should lick his pits clean as he flexed his great biceps. I’d like to climb that mountain again one day (I still have his phone number), for I know it would be well worth the journey.

The third gentleman is a short, bald dude, with a distinctive nose, a quick smile, bright, alert eyes and a body covered in delicious black fur. I met him this summer, at a park. We went into the woods, got naked and went wild on each other. It was very primitive. He’s into arm pits, body smells, rimming, and placing his tongue in places that never occur to me (my nose!). We’ve only played twice, so to tell the truth I’m not really sure all of what he’s into, but I’m thinking some of it might be a bit extreme for my taste. But that’s cool – he’s very affable, charming and sweet. Last time I saw him he was wearing these really ratty, faded, yellow briefs with a stretched out pouch and a couple of tiny holes here and there. He apologized for them, but needn’t have – he looked hot as hell in them. I spent the first five minutes of our session worshipping that stretched out pouch.

So, from the three example I’ve given you would think that being a furry little (or big) varmint would be a prerequisite to the enjoyment of armpit love, but it ain’t so. My most recent encounter of the underarm kind, came in the form of a slight, randy little gent with nary a hair on his entire body. The man is smooth as can be, and sexy as all hell. Granted, he has one of those bodies without an ounce of body fat, but at the same time, the word muscular would never be used to describe him. His handsome/cute boyish face is topped with a thick swirl of dark, auburn hair. His energy is relentless and even though he’s only a few years younger than me, I did struggle at times to keep up with him. I only hope I get another chance to ride his train. There was something mischievous about him that I am really into.

That said, I think the only thing that all these men have in common is their incredible energy levels. They are all Super Troopers in the sack and I can think of many types of merit badges these hot tops have more than earned. So maybe that’s the take away on the topic of axillary deep-diving; animal energy is key.

As for
axillary intercourse, I can’t recall ever having been treated to or attempting it. If there was ever a time when such a thing might have occurred it would be during the near two hour marathon I enjoyed with bachelor #1 (the hot otter with the leather sheets). He could have very easily slipped his slick willie in my armpit more than once, heaven knows it has explored every other crevice I have on my body

My Conclusion:

Yeah, yeah, I get it…. armpits stink; one man’s sweet cologne is another man’s revulsion. That’s why it qualifies as an Acquired Taste. In this case, I think it’s the animal chemistry that takes place between two men that drives one to partake in this particular fetish. I appreciate the primal, especially in bed. Not everyone makes love this way, or has sex in this manner. Say no more. But that is not to say there is not something tender, intimate and romantic about sampling another man’s earthy essence. To say that I am an armpit enthusiast is to put it mildly. I only wish more men would forgo society’s insistence on the use of antiperspirants, colognes and deodorants and were open to this kind of lusty expression.

Next Week: Tea Rooms

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