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Monday, July 08, 2013

Mowing Lawn On A Saturday: Cum In My Garage

It was a typical Saturday: laundry, dogs, house cleaning, mowing lawns, cleaning my Mom’s house, etc.   Weather-wise, it was quite nice.  Despite the intense sun and warmer temps, the garage was reasonably cool.  Almost done with my chores, I thought that I deserved a little fun.

Craigslist.  Good for a giggle, even if nothing pans out; which is frequently the case.  I reassure myself that even if someone answers my ad, I am not obligated to reply.  I repost an ad I’ve placed before, modifying it just slightly.  “Mowing Lawn, Cum In My Garage”.  Basic gist is this:  I’m mowing lawn, shirtless, you pull in my driveway, I go in my garage and open the door, you walk in and fuck me.

I take my laptop out to the garage and get my mower ready.  Before I begin mowing, I check.  Three replies.  First one is from a dude I am not interested in.  Second one is from a dude that I have talked to on-line in the past.  He’s 38 years old, 6’2”, a bit on the bearish side, with dark, reddish, curly hair.   There seems to be a spark there, and I hit him back right away, knowing that he lives not all that far from me. 

The third man is 34 years old, athletic, and based on his pic, rather cute.  We email back and forth a number of times until he stops replying, which is fine for me, since I think he was looking for a multiple person scene.  He’s one of those dudes – you know the ones - they only want to fuck you if someone else is going to be there fucking you, too. (Like I’m their social director or something – you want a gang bang or threesome?  Do the work yourself.)

Fortunately, Curly is on his way.  Or so he’s promised.  Last email I get from him says he will be in my driveway shortly.  So, keeping my end of the bargain, I start mowing, checking the drive frequently for his imminent arrival.

So, I mow.   And I mow.  And I mow.  Each time I empty the mower’s bag, I check my emails.  Nothing.  Third bag, I flip over to Adam 4 Adam, which I have had open at the same time, and who do I find on-line?  Curly.  WTF?  I send him a message on A4A: ‘?’  Of course, I get no reply.  Disappointed, I go finish mowing, thinking this has been a colossal waste of time, as per usual.  Then, just as I am emptying the last bag of clippings, an black SUV appears in the drive. 

Will wonders never cease?

I scurry into the garage and open the door.  Curly gets out of his vehicle and as he’s walking toward me, even though the big door is open, I undo my shorts and let them fall to my ankles, revealing my semi-hard-on.  He chuckles.  At the appropriate moment, I hit the button again and the door creaks closed.   Being proactive, I’ve unscrewed the light bulb that automatically goes on every time the garage door opens and closes, so, once the door is closed, we find ourselves bathed in a comfortable dim.

Sporting a nicely trimmed goatee, he’s wearing a dress shirt, dress pants, and tie.  There’s something about seeing a man in business dress and then naked; frequently something doesn’t translate.  They look so good in their shiny dress shoes, creased dress pants, starched shirts and silk ties – all tight and sharp.  All too frequently, once that gear is shed, that manly power wanes, as my eyes try to adjust to the doughy flesh beneath.   So I brace myself.

As he’s undressing, he apologizes for being late.  I don’t mind.  He showed, so that’s all that matters.  Something about him clicks with me.  I don’t know what it is.  His body is a tad bigger and very furry, but he’s not fat.  A few trips to the gym and he’d look much better, but who am I to complain: nice nips, sweet mouth, and a 7.5 uncut dick.  He kind of reminds me of a much taller, trimmed-up, Seth Rogan or Zach Galifianakis.

The dick gets my immediate attention.  As soon as his underwear is down, I’m on my knees.  Sucking uncut dick is always dicey: there is always a chance you will discover something not-so-pleasant (to me).  Fortunately, like his dress, his hygiene is impeccable.  Curly appreciates my efforts and after about five minutes, is eager to reciprocate.  That’s cool.  I’m horny and hard as a rock.  His technique is adequate, but little more and after a few minutes I’m back on my knees.

I’ve placed an old packing blanket on the floor.  It’s large and blue and made of a smooth, silky material.  When playing on a concrete floor, I really appreciate the extra padding.  Curly makes another attempt at sucking my dick, and I allow it, for a bit, but he gives up after a few minutes and as he rises, his lips find mine.

The magic is in his kiss. 

He’s good at it and I melt just a little bit.  And speaking of melting – it is majorly heating up in that garage, now that the doors are all closed; we are sweating up a storm.  Not that I mind, I am still lost in his kiss.  In fact, next thing I know, I’m on my back and we are grinding organs big time, keeping that lip lock at maximum suction.
There’s some kind of connection between us, we both feel it.  Curly moves his dick into position, teasing my hole with the head of his cock.  He makes me beg for it, and I do; I want to get fucked so badly.  A little encouragement is all he needs.  He slides into my pre-lubed hole and it feels right, right from the get-go.   We are now both dripping with sweat.  No problem.  It makes the fucking that much hotter. 

Our tempo and intensity pick up quickly.  Obviously he’s horned, too, and wants to nut.  It’s a one position fuck; I remain on my back the whole time, tightening up my hole and enjoying the sensation and his banter.  We kiss the entire time, except when he’s telling me how much fun he’s having pounding my ass.

When Curly cums, our lips part ways and he begins speaking in syllables; it’s very hot, watching this transformation. His whole face changes, morphing into a wonderful, intense, twisted thing.  He keeps pumping it into me, and I find myself super close as well.  All it takes is for his cock to plop out of my hole and I am shooting jizz all over my stomach.  We’re both gasping for air, one big pool of sweat and spooge.

I have nice, white towels at the ready for us to clean up with (stolen from the gym), plus wet wipes, and paper towels.  We chat as he is putting himself back together.  Turns out he’s been with the same dude for five years now, and, no, his partner doesn’t know he fools around.  They are planning on getting married.  Curly lets me know he’s totally down for getting together again sometime, and I am feeling the same way.  The partner thing bothers me a tiny bit, but that is his business, not mine.  I run a clean house and am only interested in no-strings sex, so it’s not like I’m a threat. 

Fully dressed, and collected, I open the big door and out he strolls.  He’s sexy.  I like his confidence and his sweetness.   He turns, waves, and I press the button for the door to go down.

Yep, the door is going down on this one…

…but something tells me it my garage will be reopening some late Saturday afternoon again, very soon. 


Anonymous said...


Stan said...

Now you know why I always wanted a garage.

Mistress Maddie said...

I hope your satisfied, your story "touched" me😈

whkattk said...

Well, the partner thing shouldn't stop you, since you aren't interested in LTRs. You're both out just for the enjoyment of hooking up for some hot sex. As long as you're being careful and safe.

Koba said...

Hot story! And I LOVE the ass on that first boy under it!

FelchingPisser said...

Very nice....I just found this--with my limited reading time lately.

BlkJack said...

The garage sex so far are some of my favorites. Thanks for posting!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I'm gonna need some 'me' time now!
I love a man who can kiss until he comes. Or while he cums. Curly seems dreamy and hot. And a man in dress pants? Yes.