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ReBlog: What Not To Say To A Transgender Person by T. Cooper

I rarely re-blog anything (once out of 306 posts), but I felt this was groundbreaking, courageous, and important enough.

I must admit to a degree of stupidity / naivete when it comes to speaking about, speaking with, or thinking about transgender people.  And I know I'm not alone, because I can think of a handful of celebs and incidents where foot has been placed firmly in mouth due to a lack of experience / knowledge.  

Well, here's some knowledge courtesy of CNN:

What Not To Say To A Transgender Person
by T. Cooper

Copy and paste that link and drink yourself a cup of wisdom!

Thank you, T. Cooper, for sharing this information. More, please.  Educate us.

Knowledge is power.

1 comment:

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

Interesting. Everyone of his 'What not to says' used to be and still are asked of gays.

While questions like these can be insensitive and insulting and mostly not well thought out, I think that they are being asked and result in education is a positive that out weighs the negative.