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TMI Questions: Are You an Athlete or an Athletic Supporter? – Classic Edition

In keeping with last week’s TMI post regarding The Super Bowl, I thought it apropos to tackle this classic TMI Question selection concerning one’s personal experience with sports.. 

If you read last week’s TMI post, you know that I’ve already defined my objections when it comes to professional sports.  And, I agree with blogger and frequent commentator whkattk when he asserts that college and high school sports are guilty of the same sins as professional sports.

Now, that might lead you to believe that I am one of those pale nancies that never donned jock and uniform in the name of competition.  Well, true – I was quite the pale nancy – but I got out there and sweated with my classmates in the vain hope that I might actually be good enough to compete (alas, I was not). 

Truth is, I am more athletically inclined on this side of life, than I ever was back in the day.  Yes, I simply didn’t get it.  But then, the mindset of organized team sports ran contrary to my rather innate need to play lone wolf. 

In a way, they still do. 

So, my distaste stems from, not so much bitter grapes or a lack of talent, but more from my need to remain apart from the pack.  

I did try.  Up to a point.  But I was somewhat, even in my deluded adolescent state, pragmatic about the whole thing.   The writing was on the wall.  When it came to organized sports?  I sucked. I accepted that and moved on to other things. 

I have come to see my inability to comprehend spatial relationships along with the workings of geometry and gravity as my downfall.  In a way, sports are like learning to play the piano… you have to teach a student in a language and means they can relate to. 

Sadly, back in the day, nobody could relate to me… for nobody spoke my language. 

But no worries… I love working out now. 

And, no… that hasn’t changed my attitude toward team sports. 

Trust me; I won’t be joining that gay softball team any time soon.

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information


TMI Questions: Are You an Athlete or an Athletic Supporter? – Classic Edition

Do you workout? For what reason?

Yes.  Have on and off since the mid-80’s.  Currently going on five and a half years of steady 4-6 days a week of workouts.   I love it.

Reasons I work out:

To remain attractive.
To build my self-esteem.
Stress reduction.
To remain healthy.
To reduce the effects of aging and gravity.
To challenge myself.
To learn new things.
To achieve balance in my life.
To hang around the locker rooms.

Any and all off these play a part in why I get my ass to the gym on a regular basis.

I love it.

What sports have you played? Any currently?

Softball, basketball, and track.

None currently – unless Zumba, Spin, and Step count.  Also considering taking up kick boxing again – but I may just be in an overly optimistic mood.

Group activities?  They still grate on my nerves.

Were you on any school teams?

Basketball and track.

I sucked at both. 

Basketball?  I played a total of twenty minutes my last season.  I made a basket.  Two points, I think.  I also got fouled, but missed both free throws (chump).  In the end?  I simply hated it.

Track; I ran the two-mile and actually enjoyed it, sort of.  I liked the loneliness of practice.  I stuck it out until I earned my letter for my letterman’s jacket – a big deal back then.  I mean, if you didn’t letter in a sport back then there was something ‘wrong’ with you.  So I stuck it out, just check that off my list of ‘must do’ things.

I really got into running as an adult, and wish I had the same focus and appreciation back in high school.  But I was not in touch with reality much back then. 

Stupid kid.

Do you have any major sports achievements?

No.  I sucked at sports.  Didn’t like team activities, found practice boring, failed to appreciate what it meant to compete, and lacked drive and initiative.

I did make it to regionals one year in track, running the two-mile.   I came in last place. 


Stupid kid.

Are there any sports you like to watch? Why?

Ugh.  Absolutely none.  Not even –gasp – figure skating.  It all makes my eyes roll to the back of my head, and not in that ‘getting close to orgasm’ kind of way. 

I would rather do than watch.  And I have better things to do with my time.

I love working out.  Because I am the boss of me, except when taking a class.  Or on Sunday mornings when I am with my boyfriend at the gym; then he is in charge. He acts as my trainer and I do what he says. I learn a lot in the process and it’s a great couple activity.  Plus, typically, we are alone at the gym… so lots of grab ass and stolen kisses come into play.    

Of course we have to be careful.

Once, we were at a gym on a different campus, where we thought we were alone.  The boyfriend decided to jack my sweats down to my ankles as I was lifting.  Which would have been fun and funny… except at that moment another dude came around the corner and saw the whole thing. 

Which would have been okay, except… I wasn’t wearing a jock.

Stupid kid.

Which sport has the best uniforms?

Naked Greco Wrestling.

No, but seriously, wrestling, hands down.  Love me a singlet.  If my legs weren’t the fucking embarrassments they are, I would wear one in public.  I think they are so hot. 

Hmmm… boyfriend would look good in one.  He has incredible legs and shoulders that make me salivate.  Along with all the rest he’s got going for him?  He’d look hella hot in a singlet.

And Valentine’s Day is coming up.


Do you have a sports-themed sexual fantasy?

I do now!

(See above.)

Oh, but then there is also the whole ‘gangbang in the showers’ thing.  Pretty common, I guess.  That and the whole coach as fuck bud thing. I guess my fantasies have a lot more to do with the locker room than the playing field.  But there are jockstraps involved, so I think that qualifies them as sports-themed.

Who is your athletic crush?

That would be my boyfriend.  Watching him work out?  He makes my eyes pop.

Among other things…

Jocks - function or fetish?


I have been moving away from wearing them when lifting weights, though I insist on wearing them when doing Zumba or Step or running outdoors.  I don’t need my junk bouncing out there. 

Spin class?  No.  Don’t wear one… as the seat is restrictive enough as it is.  Twenty minutes into class and my junk is tingling and not in a good way.  Those damn seats cut off the blood supply to my stuff.  Not sure if a jock would help in that situation.

As fetish / sexual stimuli… OMG!

There is nothing hotter than a dude in a jock.  I love the texture of the pouch.  And the way the straps improve the look of almost anybody’s ass. 

I like my jockstraps to fall on the traditional side of things… such as a classic Bike jock.  They can be colored, but the materials and design should be that of the classic Bike. 

It all goes back to my days as a football manager; something I have blogged about extensively on here.  Things like that get etched into your psyche and remain a great source for sexual stimuli later in life.  Those experiences also help explain my obsession with locker rooms. 

And singlets.


It’s got me thinking. 


O!Daddie now at said...

2 things -

1. Your opening remarks about the physics of sucking at sports describes me to a T.

2. Isn't it GLORIOUS to be able to utter the words "MY BOYFRIEND" in a sentence??? ~!!!

Actually 3 things -
3. I greatly miss your comments. something I said?? ;>(

whkattk said...

Well, I was never good at any sport... Unless you include ice skating - figure, much to my father's chagrin. I'm not much of a supporter either. I'm the guy who willingly goes to the theater on Super Bowl Sunday.

Jock Strap - Fashion or function? Fashion. Unless you count the Dance Straps I wore in my dancer days...

mistress maddie said...

There you go about that Super Bowl thing again???? I don't watch sports but do follow the Eagles on the radio. Otherwise don't follow sports. No Sports teams I have been onor in school. Although I use to suck the cocks of two jock friends in high school. I was out then, and it was all our little secret. Today the only sports is sport nookie in the bedroom!!! Otherwise I work out with squats, push ups, sit ups and hand weights four times a week. In the summer I run the lake and sometimes paddle in a canoe around the lake.