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Friday Fun: That's Just Super!

Friday Fun: 
That's Just Super!

Welcome to the weekend!

Been throwing around this idea in my mind for some time now.  I've been collecting for years, but had no idea how to use them all.  So, from now on,  I'll be posting something a bit different, with a definite theme, at the end of each week.  It's a fitting way to get your mind off work, so you start thinking about all the fun that awaits you this weekend.  

Hope your's is SUPER!


- Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque



anne marie in philly said...

wait til sassybear sees this post!

mistress maddie said...

Ok, Upton, your just plain evil, or my libido is still up from Amsterdam, but the first picture TOTALLY made me pill it out and run one off!

mistress maddie said...

That first picture had me pulling it out and running one off!!!!!

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

It's too late for my weekend but what a way to start the week!

whkattk said...

Couple of those "supermen" have super bulges. Hope you had a good weekend, Upton!