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TMI Questions - Classic Edition: A Fresh Start!

 TMI Questions - Classic Edition: 
A Fresh Start!

I love taking showers.  Nothing makes me feel like I can ‘begin again’ like some hot water cascading over my body.  It is my go-to cure for just about anything from a case of the hornies to a case of the blues. 

It cleanses my mind. 

Unless I’m at the gym and my boyfriend is with me. 

Then my mind has a habit of being oh, so very dirty…

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information

How often do you shower or bathe?
Two to three times a day, depending on what I’m doing.  Once a day is an absolute minimum.  I can’t imagine not doing that.  I sort of look at it like rebooting my body, much like one would a computer.  

And you know, every once in a while everyone benefits from giving the old hard drive a good scrub.

When do you like to shower?
First thing in the morning, after shaving, brushing my teeth, trimming, etc. That’s a must.  

I work out frequently, so that requires a rinse off, too.  After sex?  Usually, a rinse off is needed.  Hiking outdoors in hot steamy weather or sunning, yep, that’s a shower.  If I should go clubbing or stay out late, I shower before I go to bed.

When I went to the BDSM camp last summer?  Honestly, I have no idea how many showers I took, but I certainly put a dent in their well.

Describe your shower (or bath) routine.
Here’s where I differ from a lot of people… I keep it short, as in, I get all wet, I turn off the shower, I soap up, and then I turn the water back on to rinse off.  That’s it, folks.

I don’t understand people who take over ten minutes for a shower. What are you doing in there? 

There is this one dude at my gym who doesn’t work out at all, but goes into the handicap shower stall in the locker room and stays in there for over a half hour!   On days when we are having plumbing issues, he uses up all the hot water.  What’s going on in his mind?  And he’s not jerking the gerkin, either.  He’s just in there wasting water.  It’s weird.

I mean, even when I was fifteen-sixteen, I never spent that much time in the shower.   And, oh, yeah… for a many a year that was so a part of my shower routine (wink, wink).

Do you like to shower or bathe with your significant other?
I love showering with my boyfriend, especially at the gym on weekends, when we are the only dudes there.  It’s hella fun and kind of fulfills a bunch of fantasies I have had all my life.  That’s true of working out together as well.  I feel really lucky to have found someone who is (hot and) into that. 

Shaving: what, where and how often?
I shave parts of my face (currently have a beard), my balls, and my ass. 

I will shave my face anyplace, as long as there is water and a mirror.  But the balls and ass?  I only do those in my bathroom or the bathroom of my hotel room. 

The face gets shaved one to two times a day.  The balls and ass, typically, are shaved every three to four days.  You go longer than that and it gets to be a lot more work with a much higher risk of cutting myself. 

BTW: I love my shaved ass and crotch.  It heightens my senses.  As for everything else?  It all gets a nice trim as needed.  I like fur – on others.  Me?  I gotta keep the hedges trimmed.

Do you shower at the gym or wait until you get home?
Always shower at the gym.  Why?  Because it’s sexy.  I have always thought so. 

When I was in sixth grade, we had group showers and I was so shy I would skip gym class and go hide in the library.  But after puberty kicked in, I just could not get enough time in the locker room.  Still can’t. 

Now, as an adult, I rather view showering as my reward for working out.

Oh.  And yeah, I got over the whole ‘being naked in front of others’ thing.

Before having sex do you like to be freshly showered? Ripe? Perfumed?
I like to be recently showered, as in, at least a few hours before.  If outdoors and you want to get with me, you better expect a little natural aroma, especially in the wonderful heat of summer.  I never, ever, wear any type of cologne or antiperspirant.   

How do you like your partner?
Showered is always welcome.  Good hygiene is important to me.  That said, I like a nice fresh, sweaty armpit, or some natural funk around the balls.  

But cologne?  I think wearing cologne is just someone’s way of saying, “I’m not your type.”

Sex in the bathroom: Shower, Bath, Hot tub, Public?
Yes, yes, no, and hell, yes!

Showers are ideal because the water is moving and you get to stand up, which is great for a little doggy-style action. 

I have had sex in a bathtub (with both a male and a female on separate occasions), and I can’t recommend it (the bathtub, I mean).  In a typical tub, due to the lack of space, it tends to be awkward.  Plus the water is stagnant, so it’s like making sex soup. 

Hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms are problematic for me, as they tend to make my heart race.  I have tried to have sex in all three.  The hot tub was awful.  The steam room made me feel super claustrophobic and I could not see. 

The sauna?  That was okay, and I might do that again with the boyfriend if we happened to be in one, but I wouldn’t seek it out.

In public? 

Have you read anything else on my blog? 

Now, granted, my days prowling the restrooms of downtown Minneapolis are behind me, but there was a time when I was quite a fan of tea room sex.  And I had a blast (frequently, literally), but that whole scene dried up in the mid 00’s.  

Yes, after that point I still stumbled onto the occasional fun, but now the idea of sex with a total stranger does very little for me.  Add to that the smells of your average public restroom, the water(?) on the floor, the hours one has to wait around for someone else to show up, the countless trolls, and the risk of being arrested and, for me, that’s enough to hit the kill switch.

Ah, but there was a time…

Yes, one could say I was… quite popular.

Though not the kind of attraction the chamber of commerce had in mind, I’m sure.




Queer Heaven said...

I am so glad I have decided to check out your posts mid afternoon at work(when it can get boring) your post always give me a lift!

FelchingPisser said...

So here I am, freshly "rebooted" as I type this, but I'm guilty of the long shower. In winter, I understand why I stay in it for so long as I live in a drafty, 100+ year old house in the snow belt. But today at the top of July, with the hot water pouring over me, I still couldn't get enough. And I did--nothing. I just let it cascade down, from chest to abs to sluicing down over my cock...I had to tell myself to get out. More than once. And then only to make another cup of tea and write this..

whkattk said...

Shower 1st thing in the morning. I shave while in the shower; face, neck, balls, shaft.
Loved, loved, loved hitting the showers at the local gym - there was always at least one guy flaunting his horny self. Sauna, steam room were always fun as well. Never did the tea room thing...