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TMI Questions – Classic Edition: What Comes Between You And The Rest Of The World?

TMI Questions – Classic Edition: 
What Comes Between You And The Rest Of The World?

I love underwear.  Love looking at men wearing it.  Only a jock strap looks better on a man. 

That said, I’m rather picky about my underwear… 

…and, now, the men wearing them, too.

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information

TMI Questions – Classic Edition: What Comes Between You And The Rest Of The World?

Do you wear underwear or do you free-ball? Why or why not?
Depends on what I’m wearing and where I’m going.

Underwear: for work, church, and most social occasions.

I’m a socially awkward, insecure person, so I need the security that underwear provides.  It makes me feel more put together, more held together, and confident.

Free-ball: for working out, mowing lawn, hiking, or anytime I am wearing shorts.

I love free-balling it; especially outdoors, where you never know whom you might run into.  I enjoy the feeling and the freedom.  It makes me feel sexier. 

But I would never do it any place where it might be considered inappropriate, like, if my gym were a lot busier than it is, then I would totally wear a jock because I wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. 

But, yeah, definitely free-balling it whenever I get the chance.

What's your style? Boxers, briefs, thongs, panties?
What I own is mostly boxer briefs. I prefer the ones that reach mid-thigh, as opposed to those that look like 1950’s swim trunks, although, recently I have warmed up to the latter.

I like the feel of them and the security they provide.  Plus, depending on the material, they can act as a sort of girdle – that’s where that whole feeling secure thing comes in.  Love it when they have the wide elastic for the waistband. 

I also own briefs (which I rarely wear), jocks (love them), a thong (some dude made me buy one), and some odd one-off designs – including a couple Pistol Pete designs.  Love those!

And long johns.  Super sexy.  Love long johns. Especially with rips. Grrr.

Ummm… yeah, guys who wear panties?  That’s cool, but I don’t get it, don’t find it a turn on, and wouldn’t be into it.  If that’s your thing?  Have at it.  It’s a big world with plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves and fly their freek flag.  Go for it.

Colors, patterns, superheros, etc?
I like plain dark colors: black (best), or navy blue.

This is odd, and I take a lot of shit for it, but I like to buy used underwear at thrift stores – as long as there is plenty of life left in them.  I wash them before wearing them, of course.  I tend to relax my dark colors only rule when it comes to used underwear.

Recently, I purchased a couple of new boxer briefs that look like 1950’s bathing suits at Target – one was navy blue, but the other was bright, wide, horizontal stripes.  I like them.  They flatter me, and I am reconsidering my opposition to bright colors.

Joke underwear – with superheroes or holiday-themes?  

I have been given such things, but they remain in the back of the drawer until such time as I am able to donate them without the gift-giver finding out.

If and when you're living with someone, do you match or not? Is laundry a consideration?

Why would we want to do that?  Because they get mixed up in the laundry? 

I like to do my own laundry, even when living with someone.  So my stuff never gets mixed up with theirs. 

I can’t imagine a time when I would want to wear something identical to someone else.  Or that I would want to do such a thing, unless it was for something like Gay Pride, or and underwear party.  But I doubt I would ever want to parade about like that.  I mean, if the guy I was with insisted on it, maybe I would do it. 

But they better be pretty awesome underwear.  And a pretty awesome guy.

Which reminds me, pet peeve at Pride this year: young twinks running around in nothing but their underwear. 

You want to do that in the privacy of your home, or at a private party, or at a bar – that is your business.  But Pride is my business, and everybody else’s.  Have some class.  Have some self-respect. 

Think about the message you are sending as you parade your white, skinny, no-muscle, hairless, curvature of the spine / baby belly protruding self around my fairgrounds, allowing greasy, puffy, sweaty, unshaven, old men to paw at you and stuff dollar bills in your junk pouch.  For shame.  When you are at Pride you are representing – not trying to pay off your bar tab or make rent.

I get that this is your Pride, too.  But how about a little consideration for those of us born with enough common sense to know better than to do whatever it is you are doing and  the ability to recognize that whatever it is you got going on there is not going to age well!

Okay, stepping off my bitchbox… where were we?

Is there anything as sexy as a classic brief tan line on a bubble butt?

As tan lines go, no.  

But I like my butts covered with the straps of a jock (something to hang onto and steer with) or one of those Pistol Pete jocks that frame the ass and make it look like a giant peach when the dude is on all fours. 

And long johns.  Super sexy.  Love long johns. Especially with rips. That's true of rips in underwear, in general.  Rip 'em.  Right down the backside.  Rip 'em good.


That’s what Daddy likes…

How much of an exhibitionist are you?
Depends on the arena, who I’m with or around, and my mood.  But, yes, I get a thrill taking risks and showing stuff off.  That’s why I like free-balling – especially in summer and outdoors.  

Love being naked outdoors, but underwear, or skimpy shorts or a jock will work, also. 

Now, I am a total introvert and quite shy, but in the right outdoor environment, like say the prairie area here in Minneapolis, or where I used to go sunning by the Mississippi – well, those locales sort of welcome that form of expression, so that is an appropriate place for it.

Granted, you have to be careful and be aware of who is around you, so that you aren’t inflicting anything on anyone else.  And cops, yeah, you need to watch out for those a-holes, too.

Given the right locale and weather, I do love to strut my stuff.  Or, at least, I used to.  I think my strutting days are over.  That includes taking photos.  I used to love taking nude or underwear shots of myself.  But it is a lot of work and I don’t know what I would do with such photos these days.

I’ve retired.

Not that it doesn’t all look good, it does – that’s why I work out six times a week, however, a new found sense of modesty, common sense, and, perhaps, common decency seems to be over-ruling such activities. Well, that, and the boyfriend is not into it. 

These days all my naked foolishness is reserved for his eyes only.   

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mistress maddie said...

For someone who has alot of underwear like myself, I tend to free ball most of the time in the spring and summer. When I do wear them their sport brief low rise trunks. They make an ass look hot!!!! And some of my boys like the look on me. I have no problem getting naked, or running around in underwear.