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TMI Questions - Classic Edition: What Makes You Feel Better When…

TMI Questions - Classic Edition:
What Makes You Feel Better When…

Nothing makes me feel better than a nice, ice-cold gin martini.  However, I can’t possibly drink 24/7, so I have had to develop other, healthier means of coping with my emotions. 

I have come a long way. 

There was a time when I starved myself and over-committed my time, in order to not have to deal with my emotions (and being gay). That lasted eight years.  

There was a time when I smoked countless cigarettes, each puff a means of stuffing my emotions.  That lasted ten years. 

I had a lot (A LOT) of anonymous, casual sex in order to not have to deal with my feelings.  That lasted a year, only to be reprised four years later, for a period of twelve years.

There were times when I hid out in less than wonderful relationships, using the other person as a sort of shield, in order to fend off reality and the rest of the world. One lasted seventeen years!

Recognizing my issues, owing my shit, letting go of the past, and developing a sense of humor about myself were all key to my learning how to ‘feel better’.   I have also developed healthier habits and hobbies. 

And, now, I do.  I ‘feel’ better.

  • I trust myself a lot more.
  • I look at the big picture while living in the moment.
  • I am more reasonable. 
  • I reason things out. 
  • I pause before reacting. 
  • I think of how my behavior affects others.
  • I know and respect my limits.
  • I try to not be careless with people.  
  • I honor my commitments.
I do my best to live my life with integrity.

That is what I do these days to ‘feel better’.

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information

TMI Questions - Classic Edition: What Makes You Feel Better When…

…you are sick with the flu?

Sleeping.  Or working.  Or sitting with my dogs. 

When I get the flu, it is rarely the kind where one vomits.  Instead, I am usually cursed with the body pains type.  Two years ago, for the Xmas holidays, I was stuck on the couch for my entire, planned vacation.  All my plans had to be canceled and I wasn’t able to receive visitors or leave the house. 

I was miserable.

My dogs rallied around me and shared my pain.  They are always a great source of comfort and can sense any time I am not feeling well.

When things got too bad, I would go lie on my bed.  Usually, sleep would come quickly.  If not, I have a way of putting my mind in ‘skim’ mode and sort of free associate my way into different stories.

The rest of the time, I find working on something / anything can take my mind off my body and make me much less conscious of my discomfort.    

…you are in a bad mood?

Being left alone.

And if you know me at all, you know this and would be wise to do just that.  If you’re smart, you will simply walk away and let me stew in my own evil juices.

I am horrible when I am crabby, lashing out, overly critical, with a sharp tongue, and no sense of what is appropriate.  This is one of the occasions where I truly understand why people dislike me. 

I wouldn’t wish me on anyone.

If left to my own devices, I will eventually distract myself with something and my mood will change. 

A shiny object will do. 

Or a hand puppet.

…you are alone?

Bad rom-com movies.

I find great comfort in them, as I end up feeling better off alone than dealing with the likes of dull Ken dolls such as Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds,  Bradley, Cooper, Hugh Grant, Josh Duhamel, Nick Cannon, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Lucas, Matthew Goode, Ashton Kutcher, Aaron Eckhart, Morris Chestnut, Josh Hartnett, Dermot Mulroney, Jesse Bradford, Chris Pine… ugh.

Most of these actors are interchangeable and personality deficient, but possess a certain charm, as do the women they court, cheat on, pursue, stalk, conspire with, befriend, rob banks with, impregnate, divorce, marry,  etc.

The stories are predictable, the actors the flavor of the month variety.  You can count on Sandra Bullock.  Jennifer Anniston.  Kathrine Heigl, Vivica Fox, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Vanessa Williams, Mandy Moore… et al.  They always hit their marks, cry on cue, and leave you feeling wistful.

I don’t own these movies; rather, I enjoy happening upon them on local television stations.  The commercials actually help fuel the scenario, by cheapening its overwrought sentimentality.

That said, I rarely feel alone, as I actually prefer to be alone. I like my own company.

I understand when others do not. 

I’m sort of a prickly puss.

…you are sad?


Sad is like being feeling lonely… there is nothing wrong with it.

I like ‘sad’.  Wallowing in it for an extended period of time is not recommended, since it leads to wearing clothing with food stains, over-eating, and a lack of hygiene.

But allowing it to run its course feels rather healthy.    

I listen to a lot of music when I am sad.  Or sing to myself.

Mashed potatoes also help.

…you are mad?

Going for a run.  Working out.  Doing the dishes.  Vacuuming.  Mowing lawn.

Do something.  Push something.  Get away from people. 

Focus on a physical task.  Then my head has a chance to sort itself out, identify the issue, and come up with possible approaches and/or solutions.

I find it is best not to react too quickly, or I will regret what comes out of my mouth.

Been there, done that. Didn’t like it, won’t do it again.

…you are frustrated?

Stopping whatever I am doing, taking a couple of deep breaths and either refocusing or moving on to something else for a bit.  If frustrated with a person; I politely excuse myself and go sit somewhere all by myself so I can gather my thoughts and devise an approach that will get me the results I want.

Frustrated with an object – walk away immediately, or said object stands a good chance of flying across the room.  I haven’t thrown anything in a long time, and that’s because throwing things (such as scientific calculators) can be very expensive. 

…you are angry?

When I am outraged?  

Talking about it.  Venting.  By doing that I am able to give voice to reasoning for my rage. If someone happens to be around who agrees with me, that helps.

Otherwise, see my answers for frustrated or mad.

When I was doing a lot of theatre?  I used to hit walls.  A lot.  And kick things.  Lots of folding chairs.  Lots of flats. 

Never actors.   Though… many of them would have had it coming.

Yeah, I was a nut bag. 

I didn’t want to work with me, either.

So, now I don’t.

…you are horny?

Kissing the boyfriend and suggesting we ‘take a nap’.

Thankfully he likes to ‘nap’.

We take lots of naps.

If the boyfriend is not around…

…I visit many of my favorite blogs.  See the list to the right of this post.  So many of them offer so much: from the titillating to the comic to the wonderfully salacious.

And, then I like to play with my chrome cock rings and some baby lotion.

Yeah, well… I’m human.

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Mistress Maddie said...

I'm alot like you and your answers. When alone I love to enjoy a g&T and some old movies or ill watch some of my Brit comedies. Mad or angry is definitely a work out. And when horny a call in the Lad or sometime I enjoy I nice long edging session. I love that feeling and the sensitivity on the tip.