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Friday Fun: Going My Way?

Friday Fun: Going My Way?

Would you?  Could you? 

You’re on a road trip.  It’s been a long, hard week. The tunes are blaring and the sun is shining, as you feel the weight of the world being whisked away by the rush of air around you as you accelerate out onto the open highway.  Where are you headed?  You don’t care, as long as ‘the real world’ gets left behind in the dust you’re wheels are kicking up.  You’re in a mood; the mood for a little fantasy.

Oh, but what’s this? Or, more accurately… who is this?

You don’t know him from Adam, but he looks like a big slice of paradise lost.  He’s got his thumb out, and, wait a minute... is that what it looks like?  Seems he’s in need of a little roadside assistance. You know you’ve got the skills, but do you have the time?  And what of the risk?

But then, isn’t that what road trips are about?  Taking risks?

Still, what would people say? 

They would remind you how dangerous it is, picking up strangers.  But then, you remind yourself, isn’t that exactly what you do every once in a while at your favorite bar?  Your favorite cruising spot?  That certain section of your local park?  Your local rest stop?

And he doesn’t exactly look dangerous.  More like mischievous, as if he knows exactly what he’s putting out there on display; a stellar road side attraction not found on any map.

So… what’s it going to be?

Offer a helping hand, or more, to a stranger in need?

Or cruise on by?

It’s the open road… and the choice is all yours…

Have a happy and safe weekend!

Wishing you all the very best.

- Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque



whkattk said...

No place in particular to get? No specific time? I'd probably stop...

Queer Heaven said...

Well since I do not drive, I would have to convince the driver to pull over and let the dude in.... then just see what happens.

Mark Greene said...

Condoms, lube, and a can of mase just in case ? Why not !

Stan said...

I don't see many hitchhikers on the road like I did years ago. There were times I would stop and pick them up and most of the time they were nice guys. Then there were times I'd pass them up and feel bad about it as they looked back at me. Some even giving me the finger. I wouldn't feel so bad about those.