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Friday Fun: A Tip of The Cap


Friday Fun: A Tip of The Cap

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

And you know.

It’s an open invitation.  If… you’re man enough.

Sure, it’s the look in his eye.  Maybe his stance.  Perhaps the way he lovingly rearranges that massive bulge in his jeans.

It’s all for your benefit.  In order to catch your eye.

But that tip of the cap. 

His strong fingers gracing the brim.  That quick, assured, single bob of the chin.

That’s what seals the deal. 

You know exactly where this is going.

But you don’t know how far… and that’s part of the excitement.  Part of the danger.

And now… you wait.  Your eyes glued to his.

He needs to make the first move.  And he will.  For he already knows that you’re more than willing and ready to follow his lead.

And you will.  Follow him wherever he wants to go.  Willing to do whatever he wants to do.

Moments before?  You were total strangers.

And now?  You’re committed.  Locked together in this very subtle, very public dance.

And all it took was…

…a tip of the cap.

--- ---

Have a happy and safe weekend.

Wisihing you the very best...

- Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque



whkattk said...

Love it, Upton! Have great weekend, buddy.

a{GAY}tekeeper{iam} said...

have a GREAT weekend

carol said...

How true. I love the feeling when this happens, the excitement of the unknown.


anne marie in philly said...

sweet mother of pearl! I want the guy in the first pix RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

have a good weekend, upton king! :)

FelchingPisser said...

I have to have a happy weekend after looking at all those...caps. Have a good one yourself.

Mark Gaulding said...

GREAT post. But the dude in first photo is hot! Hope you're having a great weekend, too, Upton.