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Wonderland Burlesque’s Turdscooters of the Week: The People of Ferguson, Missouri

Wonderland Burlesque’s 
Turdscooters of the Week: 
The People of Ferguson, Missouri

To clarify: by ‘The People’, I mean: Police Officers, Government Officials, and Protesters.

Criticizing from afar is easy and pretty pointless and no amount of Monday morning quarterbacking is going to fix what is wrong in Ferguson, MO. 


This is not America. 

Not my America.

There has been wrong-doing committed by all parties involved. 

Police Officers are guilty of acting as thugs and a militia without regard to their citizens’ safety.  Their blatant overreaction and abuse of power is a sign of gross indifference, fear, racism and possible guilt. Even worse?  Their attempts to cover-up their corrupt and illegal actions (who else has rubber bullets?), their attempts to silence the media via false arrest and worse, and their treatment of the victims of their abuse. 

To say nothing of their recent attempt to sully Michael Brown’s image and reputation by releasing a video (even after the DOJ ordered them not to) of a convenience store robbery in which Brown may or may not have been a suspect.  The police officer responsible for Michael Brown’s death (six shots!) didn’t even know Brown was a suspect and this action only incited the protesters’ ire, as has law enforcement's response as a whole.

Government Officials are guilty of acting slowly, illogically, and in an uncoordinated, inept fashion. They failed, time and again, to recognize the magnitude of the situation at hand.  This area has long been a powder keg of inequality and racial unrest – a situation Government Officials failed to address effectively at any time.

The protesters are guilty of a lack of organization and focus, and allowing a few bad apples to spoil the whole event. A party atmosphere?  Protests going until midnight?  Molotov Cocktails, vandalism, and looting are not part of the program and hurt the greater message.  This is a culture war and you are not doing all that great of a job representing.

And that is at the heart of everything that is wrong in Ferguson, MO; nobody has been doing their job correctly, professionally, competently, logically, or with a modicum of discretion.

Lost in all of this is the fact that yet another unarmed young black youth has been slain in this country.  Lost is the tragedy that is the Michael Browns of this world.

This is hubris.  This is ego.  This is a total lack of common sense and a disregard for human life.  Everybody’s finger-pointing – but the truth is – everybody involved with the situation in Ferguson is horribly out of touch.

Please note:  Missouri ranks #41 when it comes to education.  So should any of us be surprised?

Where there is education and enlightenment, there is a great deal less ignorance.  Where there is charity and common sense, there is hope, justice, mercy, and true liberty.

What is happening in Ferguson is nothing short of a national disgrace.

This is not humane.

This is not America. 


Stan said...

You said Brother.
And yet we have the fucking nerve to try to "police" and do "Nation Building" all over the world.

Stan said...

Like I said on my blog:
"That's just the way it is some things will never change."

whkattk said...

I will never understand the cover-ups within police departments. Do they really think the truth will not eventually come out?

I will never understand the mindset of protesters who believe that violence and looting is going to solve the problem - especially within the black community. Dr King would be sobbing right now.