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Friday Fun - Valentine’s Day Edition: A Selection of Fine Chocolate

Friday Fun - Valentine’s Day Edition: 
A Selection of Fine Chocolate

If I objectify, I assure you, I mean no disrespect.

For it is not your mere physical attributes, sumptious though they may be, that I appreciate…(?)





Yes… adore.

It is your raw essence, your spirit, your basic core that causes me to tremble ever so slightly at the mere thought that I might be worthy and fortunate enough to stand in your presence, even for a moment.

In that moment? 

You take me down to my most basic self.  Laid bare, my lust for you overwhelms.  The rational is cast aside… and, in that moment, all there is… is you.



But… I can’t help myself. 

All I need is a little taste. 

And, yes… I say that, but know only too well that a little is never enough.

As I consume, so shall I be consumed.


That is the essence…

…of fine chocolate.

--- ---

Happy Valentine’s Day
uptonking at Wonderland Burlesque









anne marie in philly said...

did I die and go to a happy place? so many delicious MEN!

happy VD to you, uptonking!

FelchingPisser said...

I am so glad you included milk chocolate and, my favorite treat, dark chocolate. Have a great Valentine's Day...

Mark Greene said...

Now those are some beautiful men !
BTW regarding your statement to objectification: We all objectify to some degree. I can walk down the street and spot some "sexy chocolate" "a cute ass White boy" "Some delicious Asian delight" "Latin Flava" and sexy "A sexy strawberry" redhead. Its what we do. I think when it becomes a problem is when that is all that is expected from a certain race. If someone meets me a treats me like "BBC"Big black cock I'm going to expect the are "ABA" A big asshole and leave or I may just tell them about themselves. It is all about respect. Keep doing your thing !

The Male Casting Couch

whkattk said...

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine Day, Upton! I thank you for visiting my blog and always leaving comments - it is very much appreciated!