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Of Note: ‘Salt’ and ‘Transpose’ by Bad Suns

Of Note:
‘Salt’ and ‘Transpose’
Bad Suns

Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett, Miles Morris and Ray Libby are members one of my favorite up and coming bands, Bad Suns.  Hailing from Los Angeles, their debut, ‘Language & Perspective’ was released in 2014, with Huffington Post placing on their year-end ‘Best Of’ list.

Two of their songs, Transpose’ and ‘Salt’, have gotten plenty of play on my iPod.  Both display incredible pop chops and irresistible hooks, bringing to mind the edgy, danceable new wave sounds of Duran Duran. Also of note: their 2013 single, 'Cardiac Arrest'.

Expect more from these guys.  

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