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Friday Fun: Let’s Go Outside!

Friday Fun:  Let’s Go Outside!

“I think I'm done with the sofa
I think I’m done with the hall
I think I'm done with the kitchen table, baby

Let's go outside
In the sunshine
I know you want to, but you can't say yes
Let's go outside
In the moonshine
Take me to the places that I love best

Back to nature, just human nature
Getting on back to…”
- from George Michael’s ‘Outside’

I know it’s way early to proclaim open season – we’ve had rain all week – but I am a’hankering for some fresh air, sunshine, and a little time with mother nature.  

Weatherman says we will be in the sixties this weekend and all next week.  Fingers crossed.  For it is time to go ‘Outside’…and enjoy the sights.

--- ----

Have a great weekend, no matter the weather, and enjoy! 

Wishing you all the best, 
from uptonking at Wonderland Burlesque


anne marie in philly said...

damn, all those cocks and asses make me wanna HOLLA! or lick. ;-)

have a nice weekend, dear!

whkattk said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Upton; that you spent it naked and free!