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Of Note: 'AWARE, ALIVE, AWAKE' by Sariah

Of Note: 'AWARE, ALIVE, AWAKE' by Sariah

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Hearts’, Sariah, landed on Billboard’s dance charts again, recently with ‘AWARE, ALIVE, AWAKE’; a sweet little slice of dance pop guaranteed to lift your spirits.  Back in 2010, she hit the charts with ‘Deep N Luv’, in 2011 with ‘All About Sex’ and in 2013 with ‘Kill The Lights’.

Born in Boston, Sariah moved to New York City for a shot at a career in music.  She has appeared in several Off-Broadway productions, performed in Las Vegas, and is a regular on the NYC Cabaret circuit. 

In 2014, she released her latest EP, featuring ‘AWARE, ALIVE, AWAKE’.

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