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Of Note: ‘Cool’ by Alesso

Of Note: ‘Cool’ by Alesso

I must be in a Swedish house music state of mind this week.

Don’t worry, this, too, shall pass. 

Alesso hails from Sweden.  In 2011, he hooked up with Ingrosso (currently part of Axwell and Ingrosso - see yesterday’s post) of Swedish House Mafia, who introduced him to the art of spinning.  He took to it like a duck to water and in the process has worked with numerous artists (Avicii, OneRepublic, Calvin Harris, Usher, David Guetta) and seized the reins once held by Swedish House Mafia.

‘Cool’ is a cream-filled punsch-roll certain to pacify even the greediest sweet tooth. It bounces and glides by, hitting all the expected ebbs and ramp ups.  Roy English’s vocals are as spot on as they are faceless. Like all fads, the overall sound’s shelf date looms as large as the bombast of the synths employed. It’s formulaic, for sure, but like the best Swedish pop, that is part, if not most, of its charm.

And charming it is. 

My advice?


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