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Of Note: ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ by Duncan

Of Note: ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ by Duncan

Hmmm.  Typically, I’m able to come up with some information on an artist.  You know, a bit of background, some interesting facts… something.  The song itself came out, according to Amazon, back in June of 2013 (January of 2013 - according to YouTube).

I did find a twitter feed on Scoopnest, but that appears to be seven months old. 

He appeared on Daddy Yankee's last release, which was produced by The Cataracs.  He appeard on the soundtrack for a rom com called 'New Year's Eve', and he released a song called 'On the Run' in 2015.

But, other than that, where an artist named Duncan is concerned, I keep coming up empty.

‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ is a sweet slice of modern pop.  Tasty.  Nothing new, but perfectly tailored and impeccably styled.

So… who is this?  Where is he from? 

And why is the EP this song came from free on Amazon? 

Yes!  Free!

You should check it out, because ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ (not to be confused with the Jason Derulo song) is not the only selection on that EP worth a listen.  I am also rather partial to ‘Last Night’ (feat. Katy Tiz & Ryland Blackinton).

Yeah, I know… it’s two years old, but… still tasty!

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whkattk said...

Slightly reminiscent of Adam Lambert...who rather disappointed on his first album, increased that on the second.