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Of Note: ‘Right Here, Right Now’ by Giorgio Moroder Featuring Kylie Minogue

Of Note: ‘Right Here, Right Now’ 
by Giorgio Moroder 
Featuring Kylie Minogue

If Calvin Harris and David Guetta are indebted to Tony Moran for their current mainstream success, then the same is true of every DJ when it comes to one of the premier pioneers of dance music, the incomparable Giorgio Moroder.

Back in the early days of disco, over in Germany, Giorgio was brewing up a sound unlike any other.  His partnership with Donna Summer and his numerous film soundtracks (‘American Gigolo’, ‘Midnight Express’, ‘Metropolis’, ‘Cat People’) brought his unique style to the states, tearing up the charts worldwide while helping to create the inescapable sensation that was disco. 

He’s worked with numerous artists (Blondie, David Bowie, Phillip Oakley, Limahl, Berlin, Kenny Loggins, Janis Ian, Freddy Mercury, Bonnie Tyler, Daft Punk)  and enjoyed many hits through the years, but it is his most recent return to the #1 spot on Billboard’s Dance Club Play chart that has me singing his praises. 

Teamed with dance icon Kylie Minogue, ‘Right Here, Right Now’ hits all the right notes, making for a sweet listen. Kylie’s performance is pitch-perfect and the song’s uplifting, soaring chorus will get in your head and refuse to leave. 

Let’s hope there is more Giorgio where this came from.


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