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Of Note: ‘Stranger’ by Jay Hayden and King Vodka

Of Note: ‘Stranger’ 
by Jay Hayden and King Vodka

Ahh… there was a time in my life when this song would have pretty much summed up many of my wonderful one-off sexual encounters. Those days (for me) are gone, but this song still resonates with a sensual vibe which cannot be denied. 

Jay Hayden (not to be confused with the actor of the same name), hails from Washington D.C.  He is primarily a songwriter and producer, though he does perform live, as a solo artist, in the D.C. area, quite frequently.  Back in 2010, Hayden hit the Billboard Top 100 with a single from his first album, ‘Love Counseling’, called ‘Nowhere’. 

‘Stranger’, his latest release, with King Vodka, glides by on a voluptuous feather bed of late night lust inspired by one-too-many cocktails.  Subtle and arousing, it’s the kind of old school, tasteful carnality one hears all too infrequently these days.  Whether it finds a place on radio, other than urban R&B stations, remains to be seen.

Fingers crossed. 

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whkattk said...

Nice. I like the tone of his voice...there's a resonance that sucks you right in.