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Of Note: ‘Kiss Me Quick’ by Nathan Sykes, ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd, and ‘Teacher’ by Nick Jonas

Of Note: 
‘Kiss Me Quick’ by Nathan Sykes, 
‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd, 
and ‘Teacher’ by Nick Jonas

Remember all those videos which were the hallmark of shows such as America’s Funniest Home Videos of cute little kids dressing up and strutting their stuff, pretending they were Michael Jackson? 

Well, all those little kids grew up and, now, some of them are adults strutting their stuff on big stages throughout the world.  The influence of Michael Jackson’s music is undeniable.  He captured the imaginations and musical souls of several generations.  One only need listen to the music of Chris Brown or Justin Timberlake to hear how very integral Mr. Jackson’s archetypical vibe is to the modern soundscape.

Equally influential?  Stevie Wonder’s brand of super positive, sunshine.  The joy and energy he brought to music in the 1970’s is a sound still being incorporated in smart R&B based pop music.  The man is all over the airwaves.

In today’s ‘Of Note’, I present three artists whose current songs bubble and pop, infused with the musical stylings of both the aforementioned musical geniuses. 

First up, Nathan Syke’s infectious ‘Kiss Me Quick’.

Nathan, former member of the British boy band The Wanted, has the chops and a tenor that won’t quit.  He’s already thrilled the hearts of millions and also enjoyed success as a duet partner with Ariana Grande on ‘Almost Is Never Enough’.  I love the horns that fuel this disco-inspired ride.  This song has already peaked at number one on Billboard’s Dance Club Play Chart.

Next up, Canada’s The Weeknd’s jaw dropping turn on ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’.

From the moment I heard his first album, I knew The Weeknd was something special.  His debut posed him as a smooth, romantic, Marvin Gaye style rapper.  Since then, he’s gotten a lot of attention, primarily due to his high profile, initially uncredited vocal work on Ariana Grande’s ‘Love Me Harder’.  ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ is currently lodged in the Top Ten on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, making it his third Top Ten hit.  The Marvin Gaye vibe continues to percolate under there, for sure, but the chorus is pure Jackson magic.

And finally, Nick Jonas’s third solo single from his 2014 self-named album, the sweet and tightly funky ‘Teacher’.

Nick has established his own place in the hearts of many in the LGBT community, as he has been unafraid to acknowledge and embrace them.  His solo debut definitely casts him in a George Michael kind of mode, so ‘Teacher’ really comes as no surprise (think about it).  But his Michael Jackson slickness and ‘Off The Wall’ disco boogie is on display here as well.

Derivative music?  Maybe.  But, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing from the past, as long as you bring something of your own to the table, and each one of these artists?

They have plenty to serve up. 


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