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Fun With Ann Coulter, a Deeply Disturbed Woman

Just in time to take your mind off all that Solange beating the crap out of JayZ nonsense, here's Ann Coulter, making an ass out of herself, as per usual.  

This all began when Michelle Obama tweeted a pic of herself with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls (an act Rush Limbaugh termed as 'pathetic') .

Well, Ann couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to promote her own twisted world view, so she tweeted the  following:

 propose we all have some fun at Ann's expense.

Right click, copy and save the following blank page photo of Ann.

Then open it in MSPaint or some other program, create your own loving memory of Ann, and then tweet, twitter, and/or blog it.   Or at least share it with me (

I think Ann would really like it.  She's been kind of out of the spotlight lately and could use the publicity.  Think of it as a campaign in her honor - to honor all the hate and misinformation she has spread like an STD throughout the land.

Details and some great examples can be found at Huffington Post:

Oh, what the hell.... one more!


Have fun, kids!


anne marie in philly said...

I sent one to your e-mail cause I am computer-challenged (sometimes).

I bet you will piss yourself laughing!

mistress maddie said...

iM OFF TO DO IT NOW!!!!! Thanks for the chuckle

BlkJack said...

I have a great one I plan to post. Thanks!