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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Weekend Onesie: Adrift

Weekend Onesie:

What a week.

I locked all my keys in my car.

I locked myself out of my house.

I couldn't find my billfold on three separate occasions.

I misplaced my keys over a dozen times.

It's a period of transition and, as it is for everyone, change is difficult for me.

We're already ten days into April. (Why, suddenly, is the world in such a rush?)

The weather keeps changing; cold, cool, hot, cool. So I keep changing jackets. And I keep my keys in the pockets of said jackets. And because I am transitioning from this jacket to that jacket to no jacket, I frequently forget where I've left my keys.

It's like I can't keep track of my props.

My big black leather bag (the black hole of man purses), which serves as my world safety net, has been dumped and sorted so many times. I have cursed myself and others and the keys themselves, blaming my brain for being too stupid to keep track of the one thing I need to get from A to B.

It doesn't help that I'm transitioning from being relatively sedentary (due to covid) to much more active. There are suddenly all these health-related appointments to get to - on time - which is a concept now somewhat foreign to my mind. I lose track of time and keep downplaying the amount  I actually need to get all cleaned up and out the door. And once out the door, there always seems to be something - an object - that I have forgotten (billfold, cell phone, house keys, car keys, wet wipes).

It makes me feel crazy and incompetent.

But I am also very out of practice.

I know this is temporary. The weather will settle into a single season and I will get my act together.

But, in the meantime, I struggle with myself... against myself.

I always feel a bit lost between acts. Once I recognize where I am in the story? I snap to like a soldier. But until then?

I feel adrift.

--- ---

Catch a wave, dears.
Find your storyline.
Snap to.
- uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Waiting In Vain - Annie Lennox


Jimmy said...

Covid Fatigue!

I think a lot of bloggers have it.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

The dratted changeable weather has absolutely NO consideration for the consequences it brings. None! I can feel a strongly worded letter coming on...

Raise your sail, Upton! You'll be scudding along in no time.

P.S. Great choice of music. I might fish Annie's "Bare" album out and give it a listen as I haven't done so for a long time.

Bob said...

We had the AC running earlier this week and today is cold and damp. I go from pants to shorts, t0-shirts to heavy shirts, in a matter of days.
I also need my weather to settle!

PS Perhaps a set of keys for every jacket might solve the problem? I kid, or do I?

anne marie in philly said...

we have hooks in the kitchen where the keys go.
I carry a very small purse, so nothing gets lost in a bottomless pit.
spouse keeps his wallet & face mask on his computer desk.

SickoRicko said...

You're not alone hon. At least you know it's temporary. Take the advice of Anne Marie. I do those things and it helps a lot. I love Annie Lennox. But? That? Hat?

Xersex said...

These are the effects of the lockdown. it is as if we have (been) in a hibernation of over a year!