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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Lost Boys: Vintage Images of O.G. Johnson

Lost Boys: Vintage Images of O.G. Johnson

I've always been disappointed that there are not more people of color who are considered vintage gay porn stars. POC's were definitely a part of gay porn back in the day, but I had to go all the way to 1985 to find someone with a real brand. 

O.G. Johnson only appeared in two films during his year long career, both for Falcon Studios. He also did a number of photo shoots, three of which are represented in the gallery of photos below. 

If you were hoping for a great deal of information on the man, don't hold your breath. The man didn't leave a trace. 

Still, I though we ought to honor him as part of this series, for he certainly made a lasting impression on the many fans of his films.

O.G. Johnson
AKA: O.J. Johnson
Dominican Republic

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11''
Endowment: 9'' uncut

Years Active: 1984-1985
Films: 2
Compilations: 2
Studio: Falcon

Born in the Dominican Republic, O.G. Johnson made brief, but impressive impression on the gay porn industry.

He appeared as a centerfold model in three of the popular mens magazines of the day: Honcho, Advocate Men, and Inches

Examples from all three of these photo shoots can be found in the gallery below. 

He also appeared in two legacy issues: one by MEN magazine, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Falcon Studios and a softcover
 volume, celebrating Falcon's iconic models, published by Bruno Gmunder. 

HONCHO June 1985
INCHES August 1985
MANSHOTS June 1996

LEGENDS: MEN OF FALCON, published by Bruno Gmunder

The magazine coverage in 1985 coincided with the release of his debut film, Night Flight. He appeared in three scenes in the film. Here are descriptions of the scenes from Falcon Studios:

"O.G. Johnson barges into Joe Gere’s home late at night. It seems Johnson wants to explore his gayness further, and Gere is one to explore. Gere is forced to choke down Johnson’s gorgeous dick, and takes it well. Then O.G. throw’s Joe onto the bed and fucks him hard. Gere gets flipped onto his back and delivers a shootin’ shot while Johnson keeps pounding away. Johnson pulls out and shoot all over Gere’s belly and balls."

"With Buster catching a few peaks between the seats… Melchor gets his turn with O.G. Johnson, and proves he is quite a good cock-sucker. Melchor disrobes, and shows off that great body, while Busters slyly slips his dick up Melchor’s ready ass. Melchor just keeps sucking Johnson during his ass-pounding. Buster and Johnson magically switch positions, then jack themselves off onto Melchor who then cums on Buster’s leg."

"Buster is in the Rest Room Jacking Off while by accident O.G. Johnson walks in. Johnson whips out his dick and Buster starts chowing down on his large uncut dick. Buster quickly gives up his ass to Johnson in several positions. While riding Johnson, Buster comes. Melchor enters, "I see you started without me."

Night Flight would prove hugely popular, so it is somewhat surprising to learn that Johnson only committed one more sex scene to film before exiting the industry. It was in another Falcon production, the first sequel to their very successful Aspen franchise, The Other Side of Aspen II. 

Here's Falcon Studio's description of the scene:

"Lee Stern has to call a tow trunk when his car breaks down before the trip. He soon forgets his vacation when mechanic O.G. Johnson arrives and brandishes his huge black cock for service, eventually fucking Stern in the back of his truck."


Night Flight

The Other Side of Aspen II

And that's the whole story, folks. 

O.G. simply disappeared, never to be heard from again. 

--- ---

I believe he disappeared  because studios were just not interested in creating a black gay porn star. And when a performer doesn't feel supported? They don't stick around. Falcon, along with the rest of the gay porn industry, may have erroneously thought that there wasn't a market for such an act, but they were clearly wrong.

That could explain the lack of vintage gay porn stars who are people of color, and in particular, black performers. 

Now, I may be wrong... and, please, provide me with examples in the comments section, if I am. Keep in mind, I am talking vintage... as in, the golden age: 1970-1985. I know in the late eighties there were several, like T.J. Swann, but, other than Beau Jordan (who will be featured at a later date) during the time period we're covering for these posts? 

I keep coming up empty.

Now, the same can't be said for straight porn. Interracial sex was still considered somewhat taboo, so there was definitely a market to explore there. But, again, I can't come up with a single name from the golden age.  

The thing about O.G. is... the camera loved him. His facial expressions read so well. And he definitely had the goods - handsome, rakish, hung - so it's a shame there isn't more of him to remember. 

--- ---

That's all for now.

Until next time...

Thanks for reading.

Black Boys/White Boys
from the motion picture Hair
by Milos Forman

Black Boys On Mopeds - Sinéad O'Connor


Xersex said...

absolutely nice!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Love that scene from Hair!
And I can believe there was absolutely no promotion for him. Remember this was the time of the clones and they were all white. It didn't matter that this man seemed to have what it took to be a great porn star.
That's why I said that it was quite the achievement when Rhyheim Shabazz got to one million followers in social media...


Jimmy said...

This man was beautiful. I wonder if the European porn market was the same in that era?

whkattk said...

Not surprising when you consider the US society at the time. We have made some progress. There's a long way to go yet. But progress has been made.

SickoRicko said...

Oh, I remember him well. Thanks for this.

Deliciousdeity said...

What a SLAB. And uncut, Yum!

Phil said...

A very interesting piece on a beautiful man. Thank you.