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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Wonderland Burlesque Spotlight: Heaven Scent Soaps

Wonderland Burlesque Spotlight: 
Heaven Scent Soaps
Minneapolis, MN

The first weekend in November, I had the pleasure to attend the grand opening of Heaven Scent Soaps new studio and store. This is the brainchild of The Ex. He took a soap-making class through community education years and years ago and has been hooked ever since.

After operating out of our laundry room and doing local farmer's markets and pop-up shows, he's finally gotten the opportunity to operate a store. Located in the Minnesota Arts Building, a few blocks from the warehouse district in downtown Minneapolis, he, along with two other artisans (a furniture restoration expert and a jewelry artisan), The Ex has carved out a cute little shop, distinguished by a welcoming pair of antique French doors.

His space is divided in half; store in the front, studio in the back. It's tight and cozy, but the store front has been furnished in The Ex's distinct style - softly lit and colorfully appointed. 

He offers over 30 different certified-organic, natural soaps (scented with essential oils), scented bees wax lotion bars, and scented bath salts. along with assorted bath accessories, such as teddy bear loofas and handmade ceramic soap dishes.

Phenomenally bedecked gift baskets (local delivery only) are available, and this year, for the holidays, he's doing a group of festive gift boxes (shown below). 

His website can be found, here. ( Pay a visit and learn a bit more about him and all he can do. 

Wishing him the best of luck, I purchased 4 soaps (orange blossom, apple blossom, mango, pink grapefruit.) If you have skin issues, allergies - these soaps can work a bit of a miracle. Made of simple, basic ingredients (listed on the label) they contain no harsh drying chemicals, as found in commercial soaps. (The lye used in the curing process is not present in the actual soap.) Made in small batches and hand cut, I adore the lovely round shape, as they are easy to use and a welcome sight in any bathroom. They lather like crazy - I even use it's lather in place of shaving cream, (as the soap doesn't dry out my skin.) And the scents make for a lovely start to the day.

I took a few pictures during my visit (not much of a photographer, I'm afraid), but I thought I'd share them with you all today. 

Wishing The Ex all the very best on his new adventure! It's very exciting.

(And I got my laundry room back!)

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Soap / Training Wheels - Melanie Martinez

A Little Bit Of Soap - Showaddywaddy


Inexplicable DeVice said...

They look lovely, and I bet they smell better! There are a few producers of natural soap around here, but they all cut their soap into hard-edged, rectangular bars (for efficiency of production, I imagine) that are unwieldy to use (until they eventually get worn down), so your Ex's look much more ergonomic.

Good luck to him! (I'd buy, but I'm rather too far away to visit or a delivery)

BatRedneck said...

Best wishes to your Ex!
I have a friend-of-a-friend who crafts and sells fine, simple and natural soaps just like these.
I myself went to using Alep soap 10 years ago, I even banned shampoo thanks to it. Since the my skin and hair thank me :-)
Have a lovely weekend!

SickoRicko said...

How neat! I wish him lots of luck.