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Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Fun: Happy National Safety Pup Day!

Friday Fun:
Happy National Safety Pup Day!

So, I might have taken a bit of a creative license with this one...

Safety Pup

This kink rather intrigues me, intellectually. The physical realization? Not at all.

If I'm on my knees that long, it's for one thing only... and it's not praying. 

And those masks? They would make me all claustrophobic and disoriented. 

I think I'd be a much better owner than I would be a pup. although I am always eager to please.

But, never mind me. I saw today's holiday and thought we should take this opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with a few 'best practices' when it comes to training a pup.

--- ---

Owners should never allow their pups to roam freely in public spaces without a leash. You never know what they might bring home!

Peculiar odor in the house? Make sure your pup has a bath on a regular basis. This also serves a great opportunity to check him for ticks - something pups who are allowed to roam freely tend to bring home.

Never leave your pup out in the cold for too long. Their ears, nose, legs and other appendages are susceptible to frost bite. During times of cold weather, have them go out, do their business and then come right back inside. Keep an eye on them when out, so they don't stray or stay out for too long.

If, while out in public, your pup becomes aggressive in the presence of other pups, be sure to tug his leash lightly. If he continues to show aggression, remove him from the situation by taking him in another room to remind him how much you love him. He also may be in need of a drink. 

If your pup takes an aggressive stance toward another pup, before he pounces, distract him, or slowly move yourself physically between the two. In this way, you can diffuse the situation without putting yourself at risk of injury. Look your pup directly in the eye and tell him what a good boy he is. Stroking him gently may also serve as a distraction. Do it well, and he will forget all about that other pup.

Is your pup showing signs of anxiety? This is a perfect opportunity to place him in his kennel. He sees the kennel as a 'safe place'. Limiting his space and removing stimulation is a surefire way to get your pup's tail wagging again in no time. 

Be sure to rub your pup's belly when he rolls on his back. If he becomes excited, know that is part of nature. Just ignore it.

Be sure to wash your pup's food and water dishes on a regular basis. You wouldn't eat out of a dirty dish, and neither should your pup. 

Make sure your pup gets adequate exercise and follows a healthy diet. As they age, pups have a tendency to pack on the pounds. When this occurs, do not withhold affection, but gently guide them toward a healthier lifestyle. Daily walks are a great place to start. 

Curb excessive, unwanted face-licking by taking your pup firmly by the scruff of the neck and  pulling back gently. As you do this, use your words, 'No, no, no.' If you are consistent, your pup will eventually get the message. 

Is your pup having trouble completing simple tasks? Offer words of encouragement, even when giving an order. Keep in mind, pups respond to the tone of your voice. 

I would suggest that you buy your pup a few good quality toys. As part of a fun outing, you could take him with you so he can pick out his own. But be careful. Don't buy him too many, or he may lose interest in playing with you. 

Another fun outing? An hour or two at the beach. And, if you should find yourself alone, feel free to allow him off-leash. But, before packing him back up in the car, be sure to check your pup for sand. You know only too well how it can get in those tiny nooks and crannies and we wouldn't want your pup  getting it all over the upholstery of your vehicle. 

Never leave your pup at home alone for too long. They can get into an awful lot of mischief while you're away. This is when a kennel or a special playroom can come in handy. Limiting your pup's access to your things? It keeps both safe. 

Never leave your pup chained-up unattend
ed. This is a big no-no! They can easily become entangled and create a choking situation.

And, yes... give a dog a bone. Of course, that, too, can pose a choking hazard. So, be careful!

--- --- 

I hope these hints have been helpful. 
Have a few of your own? Share them in the comments section.
Have a lovely weekend!
-uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

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Xersex said...

the plastine tail in their holes makes me smile!

whkattk said...

Uh.... Nope. Not for me - any of it. The closest I would ever get to any type of constrictive wear is a cock ring. Kisses!

Jimmy said...

I just can't get into this or "furries". Perhaps I've lost my sense of play and creativity. But to each his own.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh... Puppy Play!
I find it intriguing but as with many kinks, I don't understand it, which makes it much, much less fun. I don't think kinks are to be understood, only enjoyed.
Like you, I'd find the mask disorienting and even though I do enjoy being in all fours, I tire easily. I find the gear cute, though. I agree with Xersex, the little tails are intriguing.
I think this is one of the Power Play variants that looks cool on the page but it would be a no for me.
I'd like the idea of being the Mailman between those two big dogs, though.


SickoRicko said...

Another one of those things that keeps the world interesting and creepy.