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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Weekend Onesie: Whiplash Brain

Weekend Onesie: 
Whiplash Brain

I applaud the Dems going through the motions of this whole second impeachment. It's a cart and pony show, but a very necessary one - a catharsis that must take place in order for half of this nation to start healing.

I've avoided watching any of the daily coverage. I don't need those images. I don't need those words. I don't want to hear the pandering commentary.

We know what happened. We watched it develop for months and months. We were all terrified and disheartened by the events of January 6th of 2021.

Regardless of where we get our information, at this point, it's a given; we tune into the media outlet that is going to tell us what we want to hear. We know who they are and whether or not they are to be 'trusted'. And they know who their audience is and what they have to put on the table in order to feed us.

That's why NBC is my go to. I'm not looking for the hyperbole of Fox, or the blandness of CBS. I want to listen to someone who feels the same way I do about a plethora of issues. I want to be spoon-fed the pablum I know I can tolerate... I do not need my head exploding while I am trying to get my evening meal together.

We don't want that discomfort.

We don't want to end up with whiplash brain.

That's how it feels when I read differing accounts of the same situation.

I get 'fair and balanced'... but that ain't happening, folks. It does not exist.

Fair has been replaced by fear. Balanced has been replaced by blind and bland.

My brain is taxed as it is. So I do not go out of my way to hear differing opinions, unless I know I need to be educated. Certain social issues? Yes. Tell me your story. Share your experience, for it may modify my own and my comprehension.

But factual occurrences? Hard news items? No. I can read. And I can read between the lines. I have a logical brain coupled with a common sense approach. My BS detector? Finely-tuned.

Are there grey areas? Hell, yes. For example: clichés exist for a reason. But if you have half a brain and are interested in growing as a human being, you know enough to take a look at the validity of that reason. Where's the truth? What's the motivation? Where did it come from? As someone interested in evolving, you know better than to take anything at face value.

And that's why, as we tune in nightly for our dose of biased pablum guaranteed to please, we must steel ourselves and remain vigilant. We must continue to discern the truth... which is not always what we want it to be. 

Our responsibility as viewers does not end with the push of a button, the click of our remote. It is our duty to go outside our comfort zone to glean the whole truth - especially when it comes to emotionally-charged social issues with a long history. 

It's our responsibility to weigh the words we hear and place them into a logical context. 

Face it: it's political suicide for any Republican or so-called Independent to vote for impeachment, no matter the facts. To do so would be to point a finger, place blame and responsibility on an organization whose spin machine is so masterful they convinced half this country that the orange ogre was a fit human being capable of leading this nation. The only comeuppance any of them will ever receive will be of their own making; if they are to be undone, it will be by their own hands. 

That is the power of privilege - yes, you can get away with murder. 

As for the media murdering the truth? Well, that's still in our hands. So, don't allow them to spoon-feed you what you want to hear. Don't allow them to get your hopes up in one news cycle only to pretend it never happened in another. 

Keep your brain nice and centered at all times and avoid any potential damage that can occur while it bounces back and forth against the inside of your skull.  And protect your neck, too. There needs to be a degree of thought behind each movement as your head pivots back and forth, trying to take in all that is being thrown at you. 

You are in control. Not your remote.

You control each and every story.

--- ---

Have a lovely weekend.
Bitter cold, here. And I loathe it.
Stay safe.
- uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

I've Got News For You - Ray Charles


Bob said...

I try to avoid any televised "news," because it's less news and more opinion.
I read news reports because it's plain information without opinion or commentary. I want to hear the facts and, since I have my own brain, I can decipher them for myself.

Mistress Maddie said...

I watched a bit of the hearings each day not much though. Why...he's not going to be convicted and we will be right back here again in 2024, dealing with someone just as bad as trump but have a more sharp and evil mind. And we won't be so luckily...the Republicans will be out for blood and in numbers.

SickoRicko said...

It's kind of pathetic what's become of our government.

anne marie in philly said...

we suck as a country. and I don't have a tv, so...I AM LARGE AND IN CHARGE!

Xersex said...

I love your wisdom! But keep in mind that if the orange ogre was convicted, he could have become a victim of A witch hunt. So the fact that he was found not guilty has its own advantage. He is not and cannot present himself as a victim!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I watched the hearings. I did.
They were an indictment of Cheeto, but also of the GQP. The repugs tied themselves to the Orange Turd and there's no escaping. Also, the fucking injustice of having so many people voting to convict and so few (representing so fewer people) get a saying.