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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Lost Boys: Vintage Images of Cory Monroe

Lost Boys: 
Vintage Images of Cory Monroe

This week, we continue taking a look at classic gay porn's blond bad boys. 

And this one? Will be unlike any in the series, so far.

I'm not sure how one appears in over 100 adult films without leaving an information trail. No Wikipedia page. No random interview. No fan page. I can't even find a birthdate. 

Described as a "prolific blond jock American bottom”, Monroe reportedly appeared in more than 100 movies from 1982-2001. 

I found three descriptions of his films and two anecdotes on message boards which I verified and will share. Otherwise? Zip.

As for photos? Again, very odd. One would assume there would be tons, given the amount of movies he has been in, but I could find only about 50 - less than a third of what I typically find. 

And I searched all of his aliases. Nada.

Cory Monroe

AKA: Corey Monroe, Sandy Shaw, Kurt Reikert, Rob Monroe

Hair: Blond
Height: 5' 9"
Endowment: 8"

Years Active: 1982-2000
Films: 79
Compilations: 26
Studios: Catalina Video, LeSalon, HIS, Vivid, Vidco, Pleasure Productions, Falcon, Stallion, Man's Hand, Metro, VCA, Rosebud Male, etc.

Supposedly Monroe was born in Los Angeles, CA. But then, that is the default city the industry designates when someone doesn't want their roots showing, something Monroe appears to have done quite successfully.  

And, apparently, he spent time in the Marines... 

Anecdote #1
"I have an old gay rag that has an interview with the delicious Brad Peters (Keith James, Jeff Woodward) in it. He served in the Marines with Monroe and they were good friends. But he said when he met up with Monroe years later, after they'd both gone into porn, Monroe had turned into a nasty, hateful individual and acted as if he was better (than anyone else). He said he never could figure out what happened to Monroe and he acted that way even when they were working together on the same porn shoots."

In another 'interview', Monroe, claims he was doing porn as means to work his way through college...

Anecdote #2
"...He was profiled in one of the magazines - I’m pretty sure it was Jock, my favorite back then (Torso’s 'dirty little brother') - in a piece that claimed porn was how he was 'working his way through college.' Right... so cute. And it referred to him as Cory 'fuck me harder' Monroe, which I still think is hot."

Monroe's first film was 1982's Heat Waves. In the early part of his career, he adopted a number of aliases. He spent a time as Sandy Shaw, working in William Higgin's films and as Kurt Reikert - the made up 'brother' of Nova porn star Eric Reikert. 

Rob Monroe is the moniker he adopted for the film Southern Comforts (not to be confused with the Rob Monroe who posed for Playgirl in the mid-80's.) 

Monroe's career in porn started slowly, with one or two films per year. However, he - or the industry - opened up the floodgates in 1986. Monroe appeared in an astounding 20 films that year. He would keep up a similar pace for the next three. 

According to Gay Hot Movies, “Cory is part of that pre-condom vintage era of porn that churned out countless stars and even more hot videos of bareback sex. His athletic physique, handsome face and piercing blue eyes made him a favorite among fans of gay porn, and garnered him endless job offers in the industry. Cory performed in more than 100 films over the course of his career, more often than not as a bottom.”

In Nova Studio's Oh Brother (1983), one of his earliest appearances, he appears as 'supposed brother' of Eric Reikert, Kurt Reikert, in this loosely plotted tale of 'brotherly lust.' According to Kevin Gender, "The climax of the film finds the two brothers alone, turning their natural love into lust as they powerfully fuck each other. If the old saying, 'Like father, like son' is true, these boys' mother must have been artificially inseminated." While Torso magazine proclaims, "Familiar face Kurt Reikert comes together with brother Eric, and their on-screen encounter is nothing but explosive... Nova has done better in the past, but it's still good hot viewing."

As early as 1985, Monroe was appearing in bi-sexual fare and was well-established in the genre by the dawn of the 90's. He appeared with the love of Rick Donovan's life, Leilani, in 1990's Hotel Transylvania.

"Monroe also appears in the recently remastered Tall Tales (1986), directed by Joe Tiffenbach. Kenneth, played by Kenneth Weyerhaeuser, rings up his friend and tells about how, on a recent walk in the park, he met a young jogger who came home with him. In a flashback, Kenneth leads sexy blond Cory Monroe into his living room and offers him juice. While Kenneth is fetching it in the other room, Cory stretches and fondles his erection through his shorts. Kenneth returns and remarks about how well he fills out his shorts. Aroused, Kenneth magically transforms into nude, mustachioed Morgan Hunter and kneels before Cory, feeling and nibbling on his boner through his shorts and pulling it out to give him a blowjob. Morgan stands and Cory sucks his cock, then they move to the floor for some passionate kissing, fondling, nipple play, and 69'ing. Morgan licks Cory's asshole, then fucks him on the floor."

Of all his films, 1988's Spring Break is most frequently cited as a stand-out. His scene with Chad Douglas is considered a classic and one of the hottest on film. The film was remastered and rereleased in 2009.

By the mid-90's, he'd also established himself  as a major player in the inter-racial porn market. 

"In a dream sequence from the Bijou Video production Hey Tony, What's the Story (1993), Sam Houston, a tremendously sexy black man with a huge pole, seductively urges Tony Lattanzi, currently struggling to discover his sexual orientation, to join him a leather fantasy; another door opens on lean Cory Monroe slurping on redhead Kevin Taylor's long cock in a jail cell. Tony enters this one, biker shorts down, to be fondled by the duo before he scampers away from their grasping, lascivious hands. Another door shows buxom Hilde Hagen, Tony's former girlfriend, clad only in a leather bikini bottom, as she rubs her ample bosoms while looking in a mirror. They kiss, but Tony's heart really isn't in it, and when Sam and the caged duo reappear to taunt him, he wanders about confusedly. Kevin bangs Cory's exposed ass on a sawhorse before Cory and Kevin both vie for Sam's schlong. Director David Babbit is at his best here as these three perform unfettered by an inhibitions or misgivings; they romp like they want it! Tony finds himself on the horse with Cory and Kevin holding his legs to give him a righteous screwing."
Heat Waves

Bitchin' Blondes
Brother Load

Big, Bigger, Best

Beyond Hawaii
Trisexual Encounters 3

9 1/2 Inches
Bad Boys Dormitory
Boys' Camp Memories
Hollywood Gigolo
Men on the Loose
Mikey Likes It
Neverending Studs
P.S. Connection 1
Play Safely
Quickies 5: Hard Pounding Buddy
Southern Comforts
Spirit is Willing
Star Shots 3: Chris Burns
Sticky Business
Tall Tales
Tough Iron
Video Games 8: Cum And Cum Again 2

Best Stallions
Daddies Plaything
Giants: It's So Much Larger Than Life
Hot on His Tail
She-Male Encounters 15: She-Male Whorehouse
Student Bodies Too
Too Big For His Britches
Trisexual Encounters 5
Trisexual Encounters 6

57 Pick-Up
Cabin Fever
Come Clean
Dirt Busters
Double Standards
Man's Hand 111: Spanking Little Brother
Massage Boys
My Best Friend
She-Male Desires
Show It Hard
Split Decision
Spring Break
Stroke 26: Anywhere, Anytime
Video Sin - Director's Cut
Workin' Hard For The Money
By Day Bi Night
Come Crazy
Danny Does Dallas
Denim and Leather / Model Behavior
Dreams Bi-night
Entertainment Bi-night
On Top
Trans Europe Express

Bi Swingers
Hotel Transylvania
Dominated Dudes

Castro Commando
Dogs in Heat
In A Jock's Locker
Hey Tony What's the Story
Santa's Excellent Adventure

Big Deal

Blondes and Black Meat 2

Lets Swap Meat

Black Lust White Passion 1

Video Virgins

By 2000, Monroe appears to have called it quits. And, apparently, he's still quite alive. Given his film output, how he managed to dodge the bullet that was AIDs must be a matter of sheer luck. 

And that's it, folks. Cory Monroe is a total enigma, and, as such, a subject ripe for a little journalistic investigation. Sadly, I lack the means and time, so for now... the man remains a mystery.

--- ---

Never liked him. He had that sneer on his face and was the kind of skinny blond that did nothing for me. He looked like the kind of guy who would say mean things about you to your face. So, no... not a fan. 

And if Bradley Peter's account is true... that would appear to be the case.

I do admire his work ethic. And he seemed quite adapt exploiting sub-genres when his career as a blond twink dried up. 

I hope he invested his money well and is enjoying his retirement, living a lovely life.

Well, that's all for this week. 

Thanks for reading. 

Nowhere Man - The Beatles

Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

That's quite the feat. So no trace, huh? And he was active (and quite prolific) right when AIDS was decimating the industry.
His scene with Chad is CANNON! Hotter than hot. I have seen those pics everywhere. One of my friends had the DVD.


Jimmy said...

Of all the blonde porn stars you have presented, to me this guy is the best looking. A reason for his prolific repertoire?...hmmm????

whkattk said...

Certainly was a "pretty boy." I wonder if he is still with us today....

Deliciousdeity said...

That union of Monroe and Douglas! Oy! Great music choices hahaha!

SickoRicko said...

Obviously, blonde was the thing back then.

Xersex said...

Blond power!