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Monday, March 22, 2021

Acquired Tastes XLIII: Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 42 - Trojan Classics 4 of 5

Acquired Tastes XLIII 
Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 42
Trojan Classics 4 of 5

Today's post is our fourth look at Trojan Classics. Based on the little information I've found, these books date from 1971-1977.

Published by GX, Incorporated of Chatsworth, CA, Trojan Classics are distinguished by a small Trojan helmet in the upper left and a mask of Zorro in the upper right. The mask of Zorro references their distributor; Zorro Distributing Company of San Diego, CA. Among their imprints: Trojan Classics, Locker Room Library, Golden Helmet Classics, Spartan Classics, Gay Way, Svensk Series and Zorro Books.

Uniquely, the Trojan Classics imprint offed up exclusively gay male-oriented novels.

Presented on solid color backgrounds, the covers all feature rather naïve black ink/pencil drawings.

Here, the covers are presented in order of publication, based on the company's sequential numbering system.

Teen Cream
Author: Rick Tulane
TC #251

So that man in the tie? He look like the devil. And what is with the crazy azz hair on that teen? Teen Cream, huh? Does that come with fries?

The Seed Seekers
Author: Dave Garrett
TC #252

The artwork may be questionable as far as quality, but there's no question about what those two have in their pants! Seed Seekers? Sounds like a cult I might want to look into.

Three Ring Sex Circus
Author: John Maggie
TC #253

If you're a regular reader of this series, you may recall that I actually read and reviewed this one. You can read all about it and the little bit of info I was able to dig up about the author, John Maggie (real name), here. I see where the artist is going with this one... I just wish he would have made it all the way.

Old Queens Never Die...
Author: Darryl White
TC #254

This is one of my favorite titles. If I was to have a tombstone - which I am so not - I would want this inscribed on it. I take it this one is all about reincarnation... given the groovy guru getting a real earful. 

Alternate Cover

I am not sure what the alternate cover is about. I found something similar for a Spartan Classics title, as well. Knock-offs? Really? Because that sticker price of $1.95 is a price point too high?  This may have been done in an effort to evade prosecution. 

Juvenile Jazz
Author: Rick Tulane
TC #255

So... this cover? WTF? I get the dude dialing the radio looking for the right frequency, but what is going on with his Elvis-style hair? And then... WHAT is going on where these two planes meet? Is that man stuff? Some kind of plant? This is so weird. And then... the title. Please tie it all together for me, won't you? Okay... so, if I have learned anything from Ryan Murphy, when you have written yourself with no where else to go... space aliens! 

Private Practice
Author: Mack Roberts
TC #256

This... is an interesting hybrid. So, he's a doctor on an Native American reservation? Or is that supposed to be a hippy? The headband and the hair parting in the middle is confusing me. And why is his head so tiny? Based on the look on the patient's face, I would say the jury is still very much out regarding the good doctor's bedside manner. 

A Helping Hand
Author: S. P. Lunker
TC #257

Helping hand? What did he do? Pull it off? I don't think this artist understands anatomy. 

The Redheaded Wipe Out
Author: Christopher Ford
TC #258

Huh. So the dude giving the blow job? Is he jerking off into a sock or holding a Muppet? What a weird detail to put on the cover. And the title? It just makes you want to buy the book to find out why this book got that title.

Stud Starch
Author: Rick Tulane
TC #259

Stud starch! That's a new one. So, I would assume this was about love at a dry cleaner's or maybe a chance encounter at a laundromat. But no... it's about erotic sandcastles. I take it cigarettes were not the only thing smoked at this publisher's office. 

Devil At China Cove
Author: Jon Dark
TC #260

I've heard of shotgun weddings... but a shotgun bubble bath? Seems extreme. But then, look at where Mr. Porn Stache has planted the shooty-end of his rifle! Given the subliminal, wishful thinking on his part?

Cocky Cousins
Author: Darryl White
TC #261

Hmmm. Well, I have a story about catching three of my cousins jerking off together inside a cement sceptic tank (it was pre-installation). I watched and kept quiet because I knew they would freak out and run if they knew I was there. Later, I made a pass at the one I thought most likely to go along with what I wanted and... it didn't go well. He hid under the bed. So, that was my one and only attempt at anything sexual as a teen. Both pathetic and prophetic. 

Summer Stock Superstud
Author: D.H. Robbins
TC #262
(Not Found)

Sunday's Child
Author: Rod Sawyers
TC #263

"But a child born on the sabbath day is fair and wise and good and gay."

I believe this is the only Trojan Classic with a tagline. So, is that the devil? And this is a baptism? Of sorts? 

Mardi Gras Madness
Author: Dick Garfield
TC #264

Huh. I like the artwork, though the costume makes zero sense. Still... kinda hot!

Death Wish
Author: Jack Stryker
TC #265

The movie series starring tough guy Charles Bronson is based on this book. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what I read... maybe... well, they share the same title. So, yeah... let's go with that. Aside: Do you think Charles Bronson was sexy? Maybe in a slap me around and call me names kind of way? Just me?

Amtrak: The Trickin' Trip
Author: Ross Lawrence
#TC 266

Hmm. Clearly I need to get me a new travel agent...

--- ---

Well, that's all for today. I do try to find info on the authors, but, due to the possibility, at the time, of being prosecuted, these are all untraceable pseudonyms. Given that, small wonder most of this stuff was relegated to the dustbin of history. However, a surprising amount of these books are being preserved at places like Cornell University. 

Next week, we'll conclude our look at more Trojan Classic cover art.

Until then... thanks for reading.

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Xersex said...

Jazz is fabulous!

whkattk said...

As I'm researching publishers for mine, I find there are some who will not accept anything portraying underage characters in sexual situations, nor anything which might include incest. Have they become more cautious of late?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Well, those covers get racier and racier, no?
I cackled with the tombstone idea! LOL

And the artists really went out of their way to make things 'normal' while going absolutely batshit crazy with the innuendo. Well, with the blatant innuendo? And the movie series is inspired by/based on that book? Who knew?
Yes, Charles Bronson was sexy.