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Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Fun: Happy National Noodle Month

Friday Fun: 
Happy National Noodle Month

March is halfway over and I can't believe we haven't celebrated this.

How are we serving them up this month?

You like a nice white sauce? Heavy cream? Is your forte a hot dish?

Stuck in a noodle rut? Spice it up! The internet is a great place to seek out new, exciting ways of presenting, serving up and enjoying noodles.

For those of you with a passion for meat or meat sauce, for variety, try rolling balls. This is a traditional practice and one you should familiarize yourself with if you have a yen for noodles.

For many, noodles and balls go hand in hand.

Chicken noodle? Oh, not for me, babe. You've got the wrong guy, fella.

Me? I like my noodles well-seasoned.

Noodles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Do you like your noodles thick or thin?

Personally, I think it's a good idea to sample various kinds. No one says you have to stick with just one. If they do? They are clearly not noodle connoisseurs. 

We all have different tastes. Take your time and explore in order to determine the right fit for you.

Bars and restaurants are a great place to find and experiment with different types of noodles. You may enjoy them there, or take them to-go and enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

You will find certain bars and restaurants only serve up a particular type of noodle. Be adventurous. Your friend the internet is a great place to find information on where to go for the best noodles.

Purchasing noodles or making your own is a matter of personal choice.

Making your own is always fun, but having a friend or neighbor help you is even more so.   

Personally, I find fresh noodles easier to work with. They taste the best, hold more flavor, have a more appealing texture and make for the most satisfying meal.

Storing noodles is a matter of personal preference. There are many fine containers on the market for this purpose. Just make sure they are not packed too tightly. 

And be sure to keep them dry and cool. I just hate it when they stick together, don't you?

I hear some people, in order to determine if they're done, throw them against a wall to see if they stick. I consider this noodle abuse. 

 If you're experienced, you know by sight whether a noodle is done. 

Might I suggest, and do this only after a brief cooling off period, that you put one in your mouth to determine if it's done.

Yes, by all means, please avoid abusing your noodle! Especially when having a dinner party. What will your guests think if they see you doing that? They certainly won't want to put that in their mouths.

To avoid noodle exhaustion, pull them out early rather than too late. 

No one likes a watery, limp noodle.

Yes, we were all taught not to play with our food, but I believe noodles are an exception.

Sometimes I like to see how many I can fit on my plate and make a pig of myself. 

Oink, oink!

They are also fun to swirl.

The thing with noodles? They can really fill you up. So, I find less is more, though I know many Italian men who would disagree. 

And speaking of Italians... oh, they do have some of the best noodles!

Me? I've had noodles from all over the world; the noodles of many nations. 

The most important thing? Enjoy your noodles.

Yes, I know there are those out there who would make you feel guilty for consuming too many, but life is short...

...and the best noodles are long!

Bon Appetit!

--- ---

Wishing you all the best.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay Strong.
- uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Noodlin' Rag - Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters

Chicken Noodle Soup - DJ Webstar


Xersex said...

You are looking for pasta and I am looking for meat. Or to say better: flesh, or fleshy mushrooms like these among the legs of these guys!

Mistress Maddie said...

I would prefer your long thick noodle with some white dish required!

Anonymous said...

It gets increasing hard [no pun intended] these days to know which pic has been photoshopped? For example the pic of the young Asian man staring out a window is actually Simon King's body with a head added to it.

whkattk said...

Well, lordy! I do love me some noodles. Noodles and meatballs are my favorite. But I do enjoy noodles of all shapes and sizes. Wanna share a helping? 😉 Kisses for the weekend.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

When it comes to pasta, I like penne, tortiglioni or if everything fails, rigatoni. It's the girth for me that does it.


anne marie in philly said...

those human noodles look a bit stiff. ;-b

I like mine al dente with a red sauce, meat sauce, meatballs, or vodka sauce. and the noodle shape means nothing to me; a noodle is a noodle.

SickoRicko said...

Fabulous assortment!