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Monday, March 08, 2021

Acquired Tastes XLIII: Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 40 - Trojan Books 2 of 5

Acquired Tastes XLIII
Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 40
Trojan Books 2 of 5

Today, we continue to take a look at Trojan Books. I've found very little information about them, which is surprising, given the breadth of their output. The earliest book I could verify is 1971 and the latest 1977. 

Published by GX, Incorporated of Chatsworth, CA, Trojan Classics have a small Trojan helmet in the upper left and a mask of Zorro in the upper right, in reference to their distribution company; Zorro Distributing Company of San Diego, CA. Their imprints included: Trojan Classics, Locker Room Library, Golden Helmet Classics, Spartan Classics, Gay Way, Svensk Series and Zorro Books.

Trojan Classics dealt exclusively with gay male oriented subject matter.
The covers are all black ink/pencil drawings presented on solid color backgrounds.  

Covers are presented in order of publication, based on their sequential numbering system and the list published in the back of one of Trojan Classic's titles. This was the primary way in which adult publishing companies were able to survive. The lists at the back of the books came with directions on how to order additional titles, and these mail order sales helped keep the company afloat.

The Layout
Author: Jack Stryker
TC #221

This looks vaguely uncomfortable, and the physics involved are also questionable. Still... reminds me of something Robert Mapplethorpe probably tried.

Hung Overly
Author: Dal Temple
TC #222

Oh, tearoom fun. I have no idea why they are called tearooms. I mean, sipping politely is not what its all about, dears. 

The Jock Pot
Author: Tag Everts
TC #223

The Jock Pot is part of a series of, I believe, five books. Possibly written in order to pay off the writer's gambling debts? Just a guess.

Split The Sky
Author: John Maggie
TC #224

I don't understand what is happening on this cover. It looks like Wayland Flower's Madame is attempting to blow that young, naked blonde. If you know what's going on, leave it in the comments section and clue us all in.

Pay Twenty-One
Author: Tag Everts
TC #225

Here's book (or 'dook') two in the series. 

Weak End
Author: Charles Cocker
TC #226

Oh. Movie theatre sex. I once had a guy meet me at the movies, an arthouse picture theatre. We sat in the back row and he played with my hole. That's about as exciting as it got. I have been to adult theatres where men were having sex. It was odd. If you stood in the back, you might get invited to go sit or just have a little fun right there, in the back. But I have never had anyone approach me as I sat. I have always had to be rather... obvious in my interest. 

The Swab's Out
Author: Jack Stryker
TC #227
Another I don't get. Clue me in, if you do. Swab... as in deck? As in ship? As in sailor? What's with the shirt exchange? If I had the chance I would buy and read it simply to answer all these questions. Cute guys. As the artwork goes for TC books? This is pretty good. Did the artist get better? 

Land Cruiser
Author: Dal Temple
TC #228

Dal Temple wrote six books for Trojan Classics. Dal, of course, is simply the Indian word for the whole range of dried beans and lentils, as well as the name for a soup or thick stew made from them. And there is a dish called Temple Dal. 

Come Nine
Author: Tag Everts
TC #229

Third in the series by Tag Everts. Nice place to store your 'hand', so to speak. If they are playing Go Fish, then I think I know where this is go-ing. 

Satan's Stud
Author: Len Harrington
TC #230
Our old friend Len Harrington! He wrote many a title for Greenleaf Classics and French Line, including: In Drag, We Three Queens, Jock and Rock, and Ollie. I believe he is also the author behind novels in the genre credited to Alan Fair and Marcus Miller.

Up And Coming
Author: Dal Temple
TC #231
Another Dal Temple offering. Looks like a certain athlete is getting some 'special treatment' for his injury. The jock strap is a nice touch. 

Ride A Cocked Thumb
Author: Jack Stryker
TC #232

Jack Stryker snags a rather striking cover. Hitchhikers. You know, after seeing that film with Rutgar Hauer? I would never pick one up, no matter how hot. 

Cops And Robbers 
Author: Sean Drury
TC #233

Hmm. We appear to have switched out artists, again. The depth and perspective are all whack on the is one. Still, great subject material... a gay trope porn sites continue to mine to this day. We gays... love our authority figures.

Heads Are Winners
Author: Tag Everts
TC #234

Tag Everts fourth book in the series. Is that one of those racing sheets? Betting on the ponies? Well, one thing's for sure... one of them is going to get the ride of his life. 

--- ---

Well, that's all for today. I do try to find info on the authors, but, due to the possibility of being prosecuted, these are all untraceable pseudonyms. Given that, small wonder most of this stuff was relegated to the dustbin of history. 

Next week, we'll continue to look at more Trojan Classic cover art. 

Until then... thanks for reading. 

Hitchin' A Ride - Green Day


SickoRicko said...

I sure do like the covers of these books.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ohh I miss Green Day!
And I have no idea what's going on on those covers. Like you, I'd read the books just to know what the whole thing is about. Some of the artwork is quite primitive, no?


Xersex said...

marvellous covers!

whkattk said...

Those covers leave one wondering what they're supposed to be doing. Not the greatest art.