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Monday, October 25, 2021

Acquired Tastes XLIII: Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 73 - HIS69, Part 2 of 20

Acquired Tastes XLIII
Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 73
HIS69, Part 2 of 20

The HIS69 imprint remained active from 1971 thru 1988, delivering an astounding 240 titles. The source of all this lovely porn? Why, Surrey House, Inc. / Surree Ltd, Inc. of San Diego and Santee, California, of course. This imprint was distributed by the same company as Trojan Books, Manhard Books, Gay Books and Gay Way Books; the Zorro Distribution Company, also operating out of San Diego. These imprints and several others are all related. 

It should be noted that many of these titles, with original artwork, were simultaneously republished under the Gay Books imprint and then, later, also republished under the ManPower imprint.
The artwork for the HIS69 books would go through only two minor shifts with all featuring ink drawings by various uncredited illustrators - artwork quite similar to what we saw with the Manhard imprint. 

Tackling a dozen titles each week means we'll be examining this imprint for the next 19 weeks!  

Here are the next dozen titles. This week, I actually managed to find all twelve!

Backdoor Seller
Author: Bob Cochran

If this was truly a thing, I think I would have won the top seller award by now. Trust me, honey... if the product is good? It sells itself, know what I'm saying?

--- ---

Author: David E. Griffon

Let's take two words and shove them together to make one word. Oh. Wait. 

Now I get it... (sounds like....)  Brilliant.

--- ---

In Black In White
Author: K. Kevork

Well, I am all for equality. Last time? I thought it was going to be black in white, but... nope! It turned out the other way around. It's all good. And it was... good.

--- ---

Hotel Dick
Author: Rich Cummings

Hotel dick! Yes! I just love serving up my special brand of room service. Those out of town visitors, here on business? Well, I make it my business to give them a taste of what Minneapolis has to offer. The upside? The likelihood of ever seeing them again? Not much. 

--- ---

Tearoom Dangler
Author: Morris Booton

Sounds like my kind of serial killer. I wouldn't mind being dangled to death. 

Actually, I have been sitting in a bathroom stall when all of a sudden, what to my wondering eyes should appear in the space between the floor and the stall wall? Well, it's not Santa and his reindeer. Although, come to think of it... it does sort of resemble a moosehead. 

What did I do? Well, like our dear, late George Michael, I'm not one to turn down a free meal... especially when it's staring me in the face.

--- ---

Massage Boy
Author: Rich Cummings

As pictured, I must say... I admire that masseuse's technique. Innovative, efficient and time saving. He works the outer and inner you at the same time.

--- ---

Me And Dick
Author: Peter Pepper

I have been looking at this cover on and off for a long period of time, and this is the first time I noticed the cute-butted dude is all bound up. Now, I love it when I don't have to work to hard to get me some... but somehow that strikes me as playing unfair. 

--- ---

Super Stud
Author: Dick Edwards

Okay, let's put the Jesus Christ Superstar cover and title, aside. Let's focus on that sales sticker. Can you imagine? One dollar. Today, these go for $30-40 a piece. 

Where's that time machine when you need it? Papa wants to retire early and see Europe. 

--- ---

Dinging Daddy's Dong
Author: Rich Cummings

Alliteration. A writer's best friend, or a reader's worst nightmare. And more to the point...

How, exactly, does one 'ding' a dong? Enquiring minds want to know.

Because, if it is a thing? Oh, yeah, I wanna do it, honey.

--- ---

Author: D. H. Love

Grimace. Let's hope it's a book about that one time certain sections of the city were without electricity. 

--- ---

Author: Bob Cochran

Huh. I take it this is not something one gets going door-to-door on Halloween night. 

Look at that dude on the right: "What, me, Officer? You want me on my knees to do... whaaaaaat? Well, I suppose I could give it a try... just this once."

--- ---

Hard To Take
Author: Rick Phillips

Hard to take: any freshman at college with an acoustic guitar who sits in the quad all day strumming the three chords they know. 

Not hard to take: that dude in the background's tan lines! Woot! Woot!

--- ---

And that's the second dozen! Look for more of the same next week.

Until then...

Thanks for reading!

Take It So Hard - Keith Richards
(This song sounds just like The Stones song Mixed Emotions)


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

So they reprinted them several times? I wish I could find some of these. I really like the illustrations. And that Jesus Christ Superstar looks pretty impressive to me!


whkattk said...

Some interesting titles there. But...$30-$40 each now? Wow....