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Friday, December 09, 2022

Friday Fun: Happy Weary Willie Day!

Friday Fun: 
Happy Weary Willie Day!

Wow... another whole year has almost gone by.

And all that time? Willies have been working hard, getting in and out of all sorts of tight places and sticky situations.

Turns out? Willies do indeed get tired. All that activity? How could they not?

Now, I'm not sure Emmett Kelly would agree with my interpretation of this particular celebration, but...

I think you will.

You see, my goal today is to revitalize Willie.

But how?

Rest? Sleep? Aww... that's for pussies.

I say we fight Willie fatigue with fire!

Yes, here's hoping this pageantry of pulsating, invigorated Willies gets your Willie to sit up and pay attention!

My dears...

Willie need be weary no more, no more!

Have a lovely weekend, my dears.
With the holidays fast approaching, consider this the calm before the swarm.
Here's hoping your Willie stays nice and alert through it all.

Little Willie - Sweet

Weary Willie - Emmett Kelly and Carol Burnett


Xersex said...

I recognized some beauties here:
14 & 29: Landon Conrad
16: Michael Lucas
27: Connor Maguire
23 & 26: Jimmy Durano here on my blog
31: Dionisio Heiderscheid
45: Rafael Alencar (here on my blog)

whkattk said...

Oh, the Willy can indeed get weary upon occasion. It is with deep gratitude that they rebound fairly quickly!

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, yes.
The Willie. Never enough of those.


SickoRicko said...

Err, what was the question?