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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Weekend Onesie: Get ERECT!

Weekend Onesie: Get ERECT!

 Ah, yes... I remember my first time, getting ERECT.

Thing is... it is the one gift I've received that I've never tired of playing with.

You see, the possibilities seem limitless, though, I must confess - I do have my favorites and tend to do those over and over and over again.

Now, mine does not "give off 'choo-choo' sounds, though it does 'come' with electric lights and gets its share of whistles. And yes... there is quite the 'puff' at the end - but 'smoke' it does not (well, not literally, anyway.)

Also keep in mind - this is a gift you can easily give others. In fact, I've been very generous over the summer, giving - and sharing mine.

So, go ahead: Get ERECT!  Gift wrapping? Optional. Here's a suggestion: stick it in a stocking! I do. That's how I know when Santa comes!

Here's another suggestion... line up your friends right in front of the fireplace and do a gift exchange!

Yes, haul out your 'you'-le log in front of the fire. Things will get nice and hot right quick.

So, this Xmas, whether you choose to give or receive, alone or with others - get ERECT! And have a very merry time, indeed!

No matter how you choose to celebrate...
Here's hoping you all get ERECT for the holidays.
For good things come to deserving boys!
- uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Boy Toy - Tia

Boys Toys - Mavi Phoenix


Mistress Maddie said...

Oh I like this idea. Why don't you unwrap mine and I'll unwrap yours? I'm sure there'd be hours of fun!

But getting erect? It would be a bigger shock these days if I was ever soft.

Xersex said...

last pic: my ideal gift(s!!!)